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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    What are you putting in these Bonito Flakes. I cant get enough. I'm addicted.. Is there a Bonito Flake help group?
    Love ya


    Coby just like people, Dog ....... No!
    Maybe she unknown she is a dog ......


    Midnight loves his Bonita flakes or as we call them, his kitty crack, he gets them every night for desert We received a bag of chicken littles to try and I now buy them in bulk as Midnight insists upon them after his breakfast every morning. Both Midnight & I love Cat-Man-Doo, keep up the good work🐾🐾


    KiKi is staring us down until her next order of Bonita Chips arrives.

    Queen Fat Fat

    Chicken Treats or Begone!


    Tess continues to thrive on her Chicken Littles... but thinking she needs a Kittie 12 step program ! SHE LOVES her Cat-Man-Doo treats maybe too much. BUT we are happy to give her healthy treats... She loves them.. thanks for your continuing great Customer Service and Quality products. Have a wonderful time off for your Holidays...

    Beeker Menedez and Chica Bonita

    Dear Cat-man-doo,

    Our little kitties are so in love with your “Chicken Littles”. It makes us feel good too, knowing that we are using a single ingredient product. Keep up the awesome work!

    Beeker and Chica and The Big Cats


    My foster mother feeds us Cat Man Doo and I love it! She just told me we were almost out!


    Alvie-tat is probably the most finicky cat I have ever had. He will only eat chicken and only if it has the Chicken Littles crumbled on top. He is spoiled rotten, but we love him.

    Mariah and Baby

    These are the only treats we love🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕😘


    I have a very hard time finding a treat for my kitty, Chase. He is very particular about what he will and will not eat. I have thrown out bags and bags of treats that he just turned his nose up at, ones that are supposed to be irresistible. But he just loves these, he even goes to the cupboard and meows at the door which I never thought I would ever see him do for any type of cat food. I like them because there are no additives and so I know that I am feeding him pure protein not chemicals and fillers. I highly recommend these as the best treats on the market today.

    Harley and Gracie

    Both my Birmans know what the chicken little bag is, they love them. I sprinkle them on all their meals and it is the first thing that is gone. Harley is my talker, he will talk to me for an hour each morning before he settles in for the day and Gracie is the quiet one, she likes to follow me around. The Birman cat breed is just wonderful, they have such personality and love being around their family. Can't imagine my life without them. Thank you for your wonderful product and great service!

    Lorraine Carder


    If she could, Holly would eat nothing but Cat-Man-Doo chicken and soft salmon "treats"! She has a rare autoimmune disease and has to take pills everyday, so her appetite isn't always good...but she NEVER walks away from her Cat-Man-Doo favorites! Thank you!!!


    I just found a gift packet of Life Essentials freeze dried wild Alaskan salmon. They are a huge hit with Isabella. She ate some right away this evening - no taking her time like with most food. But then, I found her trying to get into the little package to get more. She at them all! And, she wants more!

    thank you


    We are cat rescuers for several southern California licensed nonprofits 501c3 groups

    I also have this beautiful 14-year-old orange tabby with A pre lymphoma condition
    CALLIE is very restricted on what she can eat but she loves the Bonita flakes
    It makes a big difference and I’m so grateful for the quality of the food that I get from this company

    Callie is allowed to eat very few supplements. I trust this company . After Ordering the kitty Bonita flakes through Amazon I found the quality wasn’t the same
    2 kitties got sick so I only will order through this company

    A big thank you for your dedication to good quality products
    Callie Cassie and Sabrina Silk


    Your freeze dried chicken treats are the one and only treats our cat Hunter will eat. He is super picky about his food too! Thank you for making such a great product!

    Giovanni and Isabella

    We love Cat Man Doo Salmon treats. Keep them coming, please!

    Buster Wiley von Laserfarts

    Buster Wiley looooooves his chicken treats. When he doesnt get them, he becomes Fusser Wiley, the nose nibbler. His sister Windy Lou Edelflower was a little slow to catch on, but she's obsessed now too. They even like it better than their wet food. They love it so much they will accept no substitute. And thus your freeze dried chicken has enslaved me to my cats. Thank you.

    Lyn (Joon & Elmer's mom)

    Hi there! I am the mom of two very special cattens - Joon (14 years old, all black) and Elmer (5 years old, tuxedo). While Joon likes the Chicken Littles, Elmer LOVES them. I've taught him tricks using them. He knows how to sit, give paw, and 'meerkat', which is to sit up on his hind end. I uploaded a GIF to your Facebook page of him doing all 3. Joon appears in the GIF too, but she only sits (I never needed to train her more, as she's never been crazy like Elmer).
    Thank you so much for an amazing product... I know that I am giving my cats a high-quality treat, which gives me peace of mind.
    Not to mention how amazing your customer service is, especially Jesse, who seems to be the one who always packs my orders. But you are all amazing!
    Lyn, Joon & Elmer


    This is the 13-year-old Turkish Angora in kidney failure..... who will eat only Chicken Littles and Salmon.

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