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    24 Ounce Chicken Littles

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     NOTICE: New Product! - Freeze Dried Chicken Imperfects  

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    24 Ounce Chicken Littles

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    These small bites of human grade, FDA inspected, all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 102 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    These scrumptious little bites are a healthy daily snack and you can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken Littles.

    Finally we feel it is very important that you be made aware of a "Size" issue regarding these Freeze Dried Chicken Littles.  Before you purchase this larger 24oz. pouch of chicken Littles we feel it is important for you to know that the actual size of these chicken Littles in this 24oz. pouch are about 30% smaller than the chicken Littles we sell in the 5 ounce pouch. Many of our customers like these even smaller pieces and some of our customers do not. The quality of the chicken is exactly the same no matter what size you purchase.  Basically it just comes around to the size of screen we use during the packaging process.

    Proudly made in the USA.


    Specifications for 24 Ounce Chicken Littles
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Andy from Kirkland, WA

      Ms. Kitty absolutely LOVES the Chicken Littles. It’s a staple in her complex diet. She is 15 years young and she still runs to the table when I shake the bag. Finding Cat Man Doo was a god send. Thank you so much for providing a top quality one ingredient product! :)
    • Michele from La Quinta, CA

      My cats won’t snack on anything else! The best!
    • Deanna from Gig Harbor, WA

      My cats love these treats. They would eat them everyday if I allowed them to. Great product, simple and perfect.
    • John G. from Wenonah, NJ

      My Savannah cat loves this crumbled over her food. She looks forward to it, and waits for it for hours. She is so funny. Great deal. So much chicken. Much better buy than in the stores. Thanks cat-man-doo for a excellent product. My cat loves.
    • Beth from Philadelphia, PA

      I have 24 pages of typed listings of the food likes and dislikes of my 2 Burmese cats. The pages contain nearly every type of wet food by nearly every manufacturer. I had reached a point of near panic when they refused nearly EVERYTHING. Then I found Cat-Man-Doo. They progressed from salmon to chicken bits and have been utterly happy with the chicken little bits. They also love the huge pieces except it takes me too long to break them to cat-sized and they get impatient. Thank you Cat-Man-Doo
    • Eagle from Tseung Kwan o, Tseung Kwan

      No doubt my cats' all time favourite and they just dig the bag open at midnight and finish it up themselves
    • KJSR from Washougal, WA

      My feline family member loves these, great healthy treats.
    • Helen from Philadelphia, PA

      We flew a retired Bengal cat from Seattle to Philadelphia. Maya has to be the fussiest cat on the planet. I have given away a small fortune in the cat foods she rejected. In desperation, I tried CAT Man Do chicken bits. This is supposed to be a sprinkle atop other food to tempt your cat.
      Maya eats it as part of her meal and if her second bowl is not filled with chicken bits, she let's me know it. To say that she adores this would be a gross understatement. I try to catch a sale when I buy this. Not a fan of the Salmon but our neighbor's cats are.
    • Mitch from Kent, WA

      AAA+ product and service We will be using them in the future!!! I’m
    • BC from Portland, OR

      Our cats love it so much. Great product. Excellent packing. Thank you.
    • Sue from Jacksonville Beach, FL

      My cats can't get enough of the Chicken Sprinkles and Chicken littles. I sprinkle them on top of their food or use the Chicken Littles as snacks or treats.
    • Carol from Clinton, WA

      This a supreme product. I have a Bengal and give her pure, raw along with canned. The owners of this Company are so friendly and will speak with you, time permitting. Thanks Peter once again for my order. Arrived quickly. Carol
    • Caroline from Chatham, NJ

      This is the perfect sized chicken littles for my 3 cats! The pieces are a little smaller than the 5oz Chicken littles but not as small as Sprinklers!
      When the 24oz is out of stock I have to resort to cutting the 5oz Chicken Littles in half making it easier for my cats to eat!
      All 3 love this product!!
    • Erika from San Jose, CA

      Great size and great quality. My cat loves them. I've had trouble with other brands of freeze dried chicken that are too chalky, too large for my cat's bite, or too much dust. This one is perfect. And I love that it comes in 24oz because she goes through these treats quickly!
    • Carol from Clinton, WA

      Chicken Littles well rec'd by my cat. I have been purchasing your chicken for quite some time in bigger pieces as well. First time for Littles. As long as cat is happy life is good. I do measure 2tbsp with this bag. Great product and wonderful owners. Thanks Peter,

      All three cats love this along with the Bonito fish flakes!
    • Kirsten from SEATTLE, WA

      I have a cat that pukes a lot. We haven't yet found the cause of the problem. He pukes up dry food (for cats with sensitive stomachs) and wet food (expensive canned cat food). However, we've now gone through 4 lbs of cat-man-doo and he's never puked up any of it. He'll puke up other food but not this. Also, he loves cat-man-doo. So do both our cats. They come running as soon as I touch the bag. It's like treat time only I don't feel bad about giving it to them. Please keep making this and don't change a thing!
    • Nancy from Newnan, GA

      The Chicken Littles are the BIGGEST hit in my 5 cat household. Sometimes they won't even eat their wet food unless there are a few on the top. My 1 year old will leap up on the counter and stare at the jar and then look at me!

      Thank you Cat-Man-Doo for producing such a delicious and quality product. I even tasted a piece....and ya' know...they are really good! No worries - I won't be going so far as the put them on my salad. :-)
    • James from Grand Isle, VT

      Our cats gobble up chicken littles like no other freeze dried chicken treats. They seem to like the size of them best. We’ve tried other treats but none make our cats as happy as Cat-Man-Doo. The 24 oz size is a good deal vs the smaller packages and we know our cats will eventually eat all of it.
    • Robyn from Anacortes, WA

      My cat absolutely love her Chicken Littles. She always eats them first and would be lost without her favorite treat. She gets them every morning on top of her dry food.
    • KJSR from Washougal, WA

      Great healthy treats for my kitty. This large bag is a long-term cost savings,
    • Maureen from Renton, WA

      Our cat just LOVES these treats. He just gobbles them up when we put them in a dish for him.

      He knows when it's time that he gets his treats and he follows me until I give them to him.

      They look so good, I want to try them myself!

      Thanks for making such wonderful food for our fur babies!!

      Maureen Vanderpas
    • Catherine from Laveen, AZ

      This is cat crack. My 8 cats surround me when I am near their snack cupboard where I keep it. It's crazy how much they love it! Thanks Cat-Man-Doo for giving me a healthier cat treat that they love!
    • Carol from Hackettstown, NJ

      My two cats cannot live without their Chicken Littles! Thank you for such a wonderful product!
    • Susan from Newcastle, WA

      We have 3 cats who LOVE these chicken treats aka kitty crack! Every night they sit in the kitchen until they receive their snacks. In the past, I have tried other chicken treat brands and they don't like them. I also use chicken littles as a reward ... you let us cut your nails and you get chicken treats. We have no problem cutting any of their nails because they know what they are getting after we are done. If you want something special to spoil your favorite little feline, I would highly recommend these treats! Thanks to Cat-Man-Doo for a great product!!

      #legionoffeline #legionoffeliineapproved
    • Shannon from Ontario, OR

      Amazing product and a lifesaver for my extremely picky senior cat. My other cat and dog are obsessed with them too. They won’t go to sleep without their nightly “chicken treats”. The dog comes running from the basement whenever she hears the bag 😂

      Wow, thats the biggest bag of Chicken LIttles ever.. Thank you, KItties are happy!
    • Pam from Grafton, IL

      I appreciate the 24 oz size at a lesser cost than five 5 oz bags! My cats gobble it up. Thanks!
    • Rob from Lacey, WA

      My cat loves these treats.... Been using them for several years ....... Real food !!!!! No fillers.... No Brainer!!!!
    • Jude, Tourie, and Emiline from Mount Pleasant, MI

      My cats Most. Favorite. Treats. Ever!
      A bit expensive imo, lose a star. I originally received a small promotional tube of chicken sprinkles from a friend. As soon as surprisingly brief cursory smelling was over, my cats devoured the treats and insisted they receive more. Mind you, Tourie is a crazy picky eater. I've only found 1 other treat that he enjoys (also freeze dried chicken), and that's likely because they're covered in cat nip. So for him to be obsessed and thrilled with these was a shock, and a blessing. They quickly learned the sound of the bag coming out of the highest cupboard (they can easily open the doors) and come running and meowing. They don't do that for anything else I've ever given them. Thank the goddess for the 24 ounce bag! The leftover dust at the bottom of the bag makes a great topping for wet food.
      Finally, a treat I can share with both my cat babies equally, with equal enjoyment!! Thanks @cat-man-doo !
    • Anne from La Jolla, CA

      Five stars! My cats love it! Very easy to keep and store. They want it sprinkled on their wet food.

      Excellent customer service!
    • Katie from Seattle, WA

      Arrived very quickly! Love the big bag and don’t have to worry about running out. My dog loves this sprinkled on his food everyday!
    • Ronald from Yakima, WA

      We had been buying the same cat snacks for years before our daughter give us a little baggie of this. We brought it home and gave a little to our cat. Now she is spoiled! She will not eat her regular cat snacks anymore. We had to go online and buy a large bag to make our kitty happy.
    • Lynn from Prescott, AZ

      The cats love the kitty crack I just bought them 🤪
    • Darlene from Mount Vernon, WA

      My cats love these! I use to buy Purebites for my cats, but noticed in the last couple of years the chicken was nothing but fat and skin bits, and the price was really high. I found Catmandoo chicken and was so impressed. The chicken is nice white, all chicken pieces, which my cats love. And the bonus for me is I really get my money’s worth. I would recommend these to anybody looking for a chicken treat for their cat or dog.
    • Carol S. from Provo, UT


      This is our first pet. We were looking for additional treats that were not full of mysterious additives. "Chicken Littles" has been big hit. Our kitty absolutely loves Cat-Man-Doo Chicken Littles. They are a treat for her. But, we know she is getting pure protein.
    • Susan from Newcastle, WA

      We have 3 cats and they all LOVE Cat-Man-Doo Chicken Little snacks! Unfortunately, they have become very spoiled and will wait by the pantry closet every night for their treats. I'm telling you, we have one talkative cat and two quiet ones. The talkative cat will chatter incessantly until they receive their treats. Hands-down their favorite treats ever! Thanks, Cat-Man-Doo for a great product!! ❤️️
    • Mike and Joyce from Kalispell, MT

      I’ve tried all dried chicken products or my cats have this is perfect size with no powder in bag cost as good as I can get the best is my cats love it thanks for your product
    • Kristofer from Washougal, WA

      Our Cat Timmy loves these products. I have made raw food recipes for cats in the past and Timmy will not touch raw. But he will devour all Cat-Man-Doo products. These Chicken Littles are a mainstay now for treats and I recently introduced the Salmon. A true hit here.
    • Carol from Hackettstown, NJ

      Chicken Littles are by far the best way for me to give my cats a healthy treat every day. They absolutely love them and I love the value of the big bag! Thank you for this wonderful product!

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