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    24 Ounce Chicken Littles

    These little pieces of chicken are perfect for any size dog, however there especially perfect for small dogs and cats due to their popcorn size..  Your small dog or cat will have no problem chewing these treats and gobbling them down.
    Qty Price ea.
    1 $49.99
    2-3 $47.99
    4+ $45.99
    24 Ounce Chicken Littles

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    These small bites of human grade, FDA inspected, all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 70 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    The smaller pieces, approximately the size of a piece of popped corn, are the perfect size for cats and small dogs.

    These scrumptious little bites are a healthy daily snack and you can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken Littles.

    Proudly made in the USA.


    Specifications for 24 Ounce Chicken Littles
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Lina from Providence, RI

      24oz chicken littles are a great deal if you have the ability to store the excess.
    • RockNRobin from Penacook, NH

      24 ounces was a big surprise--it didn't register with me when I ordered (not all dodoes are extinct) But I have been ordering the Chicken Littles for quite awhile and I like them. I share them with 2 cats & a dog who also like them. I have to break some of the larger Littles for the chihuahua, but she likes them better than the Sprinkles, which are just a little below her Dog Dignity. Shhh--don't let her know I told.
    • Carol from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

      It’s like cat-crack. Max DEMANDS some good protein Chicken Littles on top of all his canned food. Won’t eat “people food, but LOVES THESE!
    • Shannon from Ontario, OR

      This is my 4th or 5th big bag. The cats LOVE it and they are both picky eaters!
    • Lorrin from Corona, CA

      I received the order that I thought was what I ordered and my two animals (30 lb doggy 9-10 lb kitty) and they loved them.
      When I saw your request for a review for the 24 oz order, I was puzzled as I thought I had ordered a 50 oz. package and not having a way to check the amount I received, I assumed it was 50 ozs. Where am I on this issue?
      Lorrin Montag SR.
    • Rob from Lacey, WA

      Great Product!!!! Our Cat loves it!!!!!
    • Amy from Mission Viejo, CA

      Our kitties love these! Our super fussy 9 year old will eat these willingly and they digest well for him which is really helpful. Our 17 year old adores these and we use the 'chicken dust' from the bottom of the bag to coat her arthritis pills which makes them more attractive to her. Cats are carnivores so these are the perfect food for them!
    • Kristofer from Washougal, WA

      My cat loves these treats. He is older and takes herbal supplements twice daily. Treats come with it! He is more than happy to have them.
    • Jan from Hillsboro, OR

      Yummy and healthy. My cat loves these treats. I actually grind them and sprinkle them on a bit of his food. Treaties with his nubbins. I've given samples to my friends with dogs and cats and their pets love the Chicken LIttles too.
    • Laura from Boulder, CO

      Our cats love the regular size freeze-dried chicken. However, sometimes the pieces were too big and we had to break them up or they wouldn't end up eating them because they couldn't quite break it up. The littles are the perfect size for cats! Our cats just gobble them right up. It is like cat popcorn! I highly recommend it for your felines!
    • Nancy from La Veta, CO

      I was buying a 5 oz bag at $3.50/oz from another on-line source. This is a much better deal, It's a healthy treat -freeze dried chicken - and the cats LOVE it!
    • Brenna from Eugene, OR

      My cats love this stuff! We use it both for treats and for crumbling on top of food. When we've run out in the past and there are no more "chicken sprinkles" as we call them, one of my cats looks at me at feeding time like, "I can't eat this, what are you thinking?"
    • kris from tillamook, OR

      I have 5 Maltese who are addicted to these chicken bites! Very good treat everyday around here!
    • Tam from Seattle, WA

      Perfect, simple 1 ingredient snack for my 13 yr old cairn terrier. He loves it.
    • Victoria from Longview, TX

      I give these to the cats as treats. I get fussed at; if they don’t get them. My older cat Sookie is very picky and she loves them. Normally she tries to fool me into thinking she hasn’t gotten her treat and gets them twice, I like the smaller bits sizes, it makes it easier for the cats to eat. I have 3 cats and not one turns down the chicken Littles.
    • Jeff from Philadelphia, PA

      My pets love this treat!
    • Kristofer from Washougal, WA

      Our 'owner of the house", Timmy, loves these. He is on some herbal meds and receives a small handful of Chicken Littles daily after his meds. We store the big bag in the freezer and have never had an issue with anything.
      During this pandemic, Cat-Man-Doo took a business breather for awhile and just as I was going to need more product, they were back up and ready. Glad they are too.
      I recommend the product line, their customer service and the shipping. Overall a great package. Timmy thinks so too.
    • Brenna from Eugene, OR

      I have one cat who is a very picky eater and he goes nuts over the Chicken Littles! We use them both as treats and to top his regular food to encourage him to eat it. My other (not so picky) cat likes them too. I love that they're 100% chicken breast.
    • Deborah from Hudson, NH

      Great product, great price. Thanks very much. Also loved "Hang in there poster" you all signed and included in the box.
    • Ross from terryville, CT

      My cat cannot live without these treats! They are essential.
    • KittygirlZ from Portland, OR

      We have a Savannah cat. She doesn’t even recognize regular cat food as food. Along with other whole-meat sources, these Chicken Littles are an essential part of her diet, and she LOVES them! So easy and convenient, and the large size is very economical, especially in these hard times when both my hubby and I have lost our jobs. Our special fur baby plays a huge role in keeping our spirits up, and our brains sane... We would rather give our diets drastic alterations then have to change hers. Thank you Cat-Man-Doo, for staying open online and making caring for our precious Savannah (also her name, I know, not much creativity there...) possible during the scary and uncertain reality we face today.
      Your support is invaluable. Period.
      God bless you!
    • Penny from Louisville, KY

      With 5 cats, this 24 oz. bag is tremendous value. The only negative is that the pieces of chicken are smaller than what you see in a 5 oz. bag of chicken littles. Two of cats LOVE the chicken littles so much, they’ve gained a few pounds from our over feeding this high protein treat. I expect these smaller pieces will help control this. Great Product!!
    • Paula from Flushing, MI

      My cats love the chicken littles
    • Linda from Portland, OR

      I have a Savannah cat. These are by far the better quality freeze dried chicken in an easy to scarf up size. Much less waste and powder than other brands. Highly recommended.
    • Cindy from Clifton Park, NY

      I’ve been buying Whole Life dehydrated chicken treats for my 3 Bengals for about 10 years now. They were very expensive (price fluctuated constantly) and you never knew what you were going to get, quality-wise. I was so happy to read one woman’s review who was unhappy also, and mentioned she found CatManDoo and Chicken Littles ! Well I am very happy now too....not to mention my cats !! Exceptional quality, virtually no shake in the bag at a fair price. Please don’t ever discontinue this product, as I will be a repeat customer for years to come !
    • P. Boone from Louisville, KY

      Our cats can be finicky eaters but all 5 cats LOVE chicken littles!! They will snub all other treats as they hold out for this chicken. Highly recommend this product!!
    • Jennifer from Birmingham, AL

      My cats absolutely love the Chicken Littles. So I just had to get the 24 oz.
    • Amy from Mission Viejo, CA

      My cats love Chicken Littles! One of my kitties is a super fussy eater and it's hard to keep him at a good weight. Cat-Man-Doo Chicken Little's to the rescue! We give him extra meals via these tasty, healthy morsels and he's doing much better with his weight. Cats are carnivores, so finding meat treats is key for their healthy diet. Chicken Littles are perfect, just meat, no junk. All three of our cats digest these really well, which is another bonus. One bit of advice - the treats do produce a little 'chicken dust' at the bottom of the container so when we get to the bottom we put the remaining Littles in a strainer and shake out the dust. We buy the biggest bags and store the weekly servings in an Oxo Popable container to keep them fresh.
    • Jan from Hillsboro, OR

      My cat loves the chicken Littles. He is an older kitty so I actually grind them into a powder and sprinkle on his food. It is a great way to ensure your older cat eats all his food. Spooter comes running for his Chicken Sprinkles.
      I also like that this product is enjoyed by dogs. My neighbors all have dogs who enjoy heading over to my place for a quick parent approved treat. What could be better: yummy and healthy treats for your pets.
    • Julie from Laguna Niguel, CA

      It’s all Pdiddy (my cat) will eat (besides his wet foot. Maine-coon need A LOT of protein!
    • David from Portland, OR

      My cats love these treats, and the large size is cost effective as compared to buying small bags of similar treats in the store. The customer service I have received from Cat-Man-Doo is second to none.
    • Carol from Hackettstown, NJ

      This company is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the piece of mind of knowing that I am feeding my two kitties the best, purest treats available! And they LOVE them!
    • Young-eum from San Francisco, CA

      Almost all of my 7 cats can't live without the Chicken Littles. Great that you have a 24 oz. size.
    • LeAnn from La Quinta, CA

      All 3 of my cats LOVE the Chicken Littles plus the 2 feral cats that I feed. With so many to feed, I get the large bag to make it a little more economical. The Chicken Littles are just the right size for cats.
    • Sheresa from Lebanon, TN

      My cats, can not get enough of this product. I am so glad I found this company, so I can buy the larger bags. I take in feral cats show them some love until the their used to human kind.. it takes awhile for them to trust. But I spoil them with this products. Which they all love. Thank you, cat man doo!!
    • Cookie from Bellevue, WA

      Always a treat I keep on hand for my finicky feline! I’ve dealt with CatManDo for years now and continue to find ordering clear and delivery prompt.
    • Carol from dallas, TX

      My cats love love love these treats. They are obsessed with them. They see me walking toward the treat jar, and they come running, meowing, and purring. Best thing - they are so healthy, it's just chicken!
    • David from Portland, OR

      Great product and most of all, great customer service.
    • Cecilia from Dallas, TX

      Our cats run our house, and what they want , they get. These obviously yummy chicken tidbits are hugely successful in our household. Pure protein and no additives = good!
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats go crazy over these treats. Every time I walk in to the kitchen, they go ballistic thinking they are getting some. The service is fantastic. I really like the no shipping cost too.

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