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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken, 5oz. Bag

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     About the Product 

    These large strips of chicken measure about 2" to 3" in length and about 1/2" thick". Most of our customers purchase these larger strips of chicken for their medium to large size dogs. The nice thing about these larger strips is that you can easily break them down into smaller pieces if you so desire.


    The chicken itself is the exact same "All White Breast Meat" chicken that we use in our "Chicken Littles" pouch. The chicken that we purchase for this product and all of our chicken products is made for human consumption. When it comes to our pets we believe that obtaining the highest quality chicken is our number one priority.


    The chicken that we purchase is manufactured specifically for Cat-Man-Doo. It is made to meet the human consumption standards and the quality itself is second to none. While there is less expensive freeze-dried chicken on the market we can tell you with 100% confidence that you will never find a freeze-dried chicken that beats our quality and customer satisfaction levels.



    • 2oz. bag sold only in stores
    • 16oz. bag available on our website


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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken, 5oz. Bag

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    This human grade, FDA inspected, all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 102 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    These scrumptious bites are a healthy daily snack. They make a fantastic training treat for dogs and even the most finicky cats will love them.

    You can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken.

    Proudly made in the USA.



    Specifications for Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken, 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    **Product is fully cooked
    • Judy from Los Alamitos, CA

      I have enjoyed my relationship with this company for several years. I have three inside cats and I feed several that have either been dropped-off or abandoned in my neighborhood. A friend introduced me to Cat Man Doo's Freeze Dried Chicken and Bonita Flakes which I use to enhance dry food I feed to all "my" cats. If I have ever had an issue with any of their products, it has been handled with much courtesy and generosity. All staff I have ever spoken with via phone have been very pleasant and accommodating. Judy Finch
    • Lila from La Jolla, CA

      Chicken treats most popular in our house of 6 cats. Sometimes large size and sometimes chicken littles. Certainly not $14 sale price of chicken crumbs (my mistake). So very happy to have found Catmandoo website. Chicken treats arrive fresh and not crushed. Sure beats Amazon! Really appreciate free delivery since I buy so much but sure takes a long time. Occasionally I have to get a next day from Amazon.
      Many thanks to Cat-Man-Doo!
      ❤️ L
    • Mary from Boulder, CO

      Great product, there is never a crumb left when I put it out. She’d eat this all day long if I let her.
    • Lila from La Jolla, CA

      So happy to have found you 💕
    • Lindsey from Spokane, WA

      These are the best cat treats! My cat absolutely loves them and they don't have the added garbage that a lot of treats do. Highly recommend!
    • Alexis from Portland, OR

      My cat, Calvin absolutely loves these! I have to have a bag handy at all times or there will be a revolt, so when I get low, I definitely come on this site (or another id buying multiple items, I confess) & get him more! Thank you for creating such a great product that I feel good about giving him 😻!!
    • Kathleen from Shelton, WA

      Excellent product. My cats favorite morning treat. 😻
    • George from Saugus, CA

      My cat goes crazy for this healthy treat! Excellent product!
    • Patricia from Kiawah Island, SC

      Dear CMD-
      We just love our Freeze Dried Chicken .
      It is sprinkled on top of our wet food and also given as a treat to help us take our medicine.
      We could never do without it.
      Hugs from Beaux, Maggie and Sweden.
    • Patricia from Kiawah Island, SC

      Best Freeze-dried Chicken. Have used forever.
      Our three fireballs wont eat their food without this healthy food being sprinkled on top.
      No unhealthy treats in the house...we use these FD nuggets as their treat.
    • Carol from Chandler, AZ

      Since dealing directly with the company i find far less dust in the bags which means more edible product. Not to mention it saved us a few bucks also. Our cats love the product.
    • Patricia from Kiawah Island, SC

      Our kitties won’t eat their medicine and supplement capsules unless the Freeze dried Chicken is sprinkled on top. We use it as a healthy treat as well.
    • Emmanuel from Boynton Beach, FL

      My cat loves these things. Sometimes there are some really hard pieces I have to throw away because I don’t want her to eat them. Please adjust your process to remove the hard pieces.
    • Cathy from Carlisle, PA

      Our Leo, the little lion," absolutely adores Cat-Man-Doo freeze-dried chicken! He is very selective about his food and snacks, so we're delighted to offer him such a healthy all protein treat. Quick shipping was also a plus, as we were running low on his treat and never like to run out! Thanks for quality products and great service!

      Our fur-babies are absolutely BONKERS for Cat-Man-Doo freeze dried Chicken!! They know the sound, look, color of the bag, and stare at me with wishful eyes until I give them their daily treats. Spoiled beyond belief? YES!! I'm so happy that I found the Cat-Man-Doo site - the treats arrived quickly, in great condition, and I will continue to purchase them, as our boys truly adore them! Thank you for a great product!!
    • Patricia from Kiawah Island, SC

      Have used the Cat-Man-Doo freeze-dried food for a decade.
      The freeze-dried chicken is wonderful.
      Thank you owners, Peter and Sandra for your commitment to bringing us a healthy food/supplement/snack.
      In the last decade we have had 12 cats (healthy and sick) who have stayed healthier, because they eat better....thanks to the freeze dried products,
      My senior cats when they get fussy, get some sprinkled on food and then gobble it down.
      I also use the freeze dried nuggets as a healthy snack /treat.
      All our furry kids thank you!
    • Nadia from Valley Village, CA

      This is THE household favorite treat! We have 5 cats that vary in age, breed, and health needs and all five of them are nearly addicted to these treats. Pure lean protein, the treats are healthy and have helped bridge the gap for some of our cats when they weren't feeling happy with eating enough regular foods, but still got vital nutrients from eating these treats - that they NEVER skip!! Thrilled with the product freshness, care in packaging (of product and for shipping) this delicate product, and the best price anywhere!
    • Peter from Merlin, OR

      Kyra the cat looks forward to this each morning.....mid day snack.....and any other time of the day she can guilt-trip us for another.
    • Linda from Bainbrige Island, WA

      This is a regularly reordered item, or my kitties would look for a different owner.
    • Tracie from Snoqualmie, WA

      Best treat ever! Both my dog and cat LOVE them.
    • Kathleen from Shelton, WA

      My cats favorite!
    • Nancy from Grand Forks, ND

      This is the ONLY treat my cat will eat! She loves the chicken, is luke-warm with the salmon, I prefer the chicken as the salmon has some pieces that are made from the skin and and they are so tough she can’t chew them. Overall, however, a great product!
    • Clare from Hartsdale, NY

      My 2 cats, and their 2 predecessors, have been enjoying these treats for many years. They are both delicious to them, and healthy — which is important to me. I’ definitely recommend giving them a try.
    • Greg from Las Vegas, NV

      Favorite item of all time! She is an extremely picky female bengal, definitely her favorite.
    • Friday and Candy from APO, AE

      We love the "chickums" that mom buys for us. Everyone knows that the best chicken is crunchy and dry, as nature intended it to be. If mom forgets to get out our chickum treat, we meow to remind her. Every night needs to end with a small chickum snack before we go to bed. It's the best way to end the day. We are so glad that mom knows how to hunt down the best treats for us.
    • Anita from ANDERSON ISLAND, WA

      We have purchased Cat-Man-Do for over 15 years! If I run out, they are not happy with me at all since they get their treat on top of their nightly food. They look at us when we feed them and if the Freeze-Dried Chicken is not on top, they walk away to their hard food.

      Yes, we spoil our cats, but they are worth it!!

      I find the food is purrfect for them. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS FOOD. Only wish we would be able to get the paper bags in since we always order 2 each time.

      Your cat (s) will love this...........I am a retired LVT and cannot recommend this enough!!
    • Dennis from Richmond, VA

      This is the best freeze dried chicken treat ever. Our cats are very picky and love this.
    • Peter from Merlin, OR

      All-time favorite......
    • Deborah from West Hollywood, CA

      I got this bag for my cat. She loves them, and I'm glad they're healthier than most regular cat treats.
    • Paul from WOODINVILLE, WA

      Crack for cats. We have to hide the bag the cat likes this so much it will knock it onto the ground and get the dog to open it for him.
    • Debra from Talent, OR

      This is quality product that I trust. My cats eat it with water added to reconstitute
      as a healthier meal than so many canned and kibble foods that contain guar and xanthin gum
      that harms the digestive tract and thyroid.

      I received an unusually generous sample of another product with my delivery.
      Thank you - I am happy to discovered Cat-Man-Doo.

      Debra Reynolds
    • Kathleen from Shelton, WA

      Great product. My cat waits patiently each morning for her chicken treats. Quick shipping for a quality product. Highly recommend.
    • Cecilia from Seattle, WA

      The best.
    • Eugenia from Brooklyn, NY

      My kitties are addicted...Greta won't look at her breakfast without the added treat.
      The chicken is always well packaged and arrives in good condition fairly quickly.
      I do wish the company did not discontinue the "Imperfect Cuts" which were equally good. I have seven cats and the cost is a bit expensive as I am on a fixed income but the product is excellent.
    • Kelly from Opelika, AL

      This is cat crack! My cats LOVE the chicken!! I only have to shake the bag and they come running!!! Beat cat treat EVER!!
    • Catherine from Tacoma, WA

      My cat absolutely loves these! I’ve spoiled him and now he’ll look up from even his favorite food with a look that says “Um… where’s the good stuff mom???” and I have to crumble up a chunk and sprinkle it over his food. I call it his “seasonings”, LOL.
    • Mary from San Jacinto, CA

      I have 5 indoor cats. They are having a good life. I bought the feeeze dried chicken a few years ago. My cats absolutely love this stuff.
      If we are out of Cat-Man -Doo chicken the cats will look at me, act all sad, and start crying . I have tried other brands. But the cats crave Cat-Man-Doo the most.
    • Carolyn from Kennesaw, GA

      We have 15 cats and every one loves Catmandoo products. The most popular one is Freeze Dried Chicken, with a couple of cats preferring the Freeze Dried Salmon. We have treat time every night, they all know when & they can't wait! One of our cats is FIV so I have to give him medication daily, which of course he didn't like...then I started giving him some Catmandoo Freeze Dried Chicken treats after the he comes looking for me when it's med time & he's very good about it as he knows he gets more treats! And don't throw away any crumbled chicken dust at the bottom of the bag...I mix it with just enough water to make it moist enough to hold together and give it to them in their dishes after playtime--they love it!
    • Linda from Bainbrige Island, WA

      If I didn't reorder this product, timely, and on a regular basis, the kitties wouldn't let me live in our house. It's a wind down ritual. I wind the clock, I toss bits of chicken, they chase, pounce, and eat, then we call it for the day. A perfect ritual that we all love. Every day. So I really have to stay on top of it. I'm very grateful for Cat Man Doo for providing this bit of love in our lives.
    • Lise from Pilesgrove, NJ

      These are the best treats ever. Uniform in consistency and texture. My cats will do absolutely anything to get some. I crumble some onto their canned food to make it more appealing. A very healthy and all natural way to spoil my cats.

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