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    Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag
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    Our "BIG BAG" is the Most Popular size of Bonito Flake that we sell.  You get lots of flakes at our very best price...


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    Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag

    Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes are a high quality, human grade product. It is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. Absolutely nothing has been introduced into the fish to compromise its purity. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 90 calories in ONE OUNCE of bonito.

    Bonito is a bony fish that hails from the tuna family. Cat-Man-Doo bonito is fished wild off the south east coast of Japan in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is used extensively in Japanese cuisine for making a savory broth. You may have also seen the wispy flakes topping exotic foods in high-end restaurants or in dishes created on The Food Network Channel. Bonito is sliced paper thin and then dried to a moisture rate of under 21%.

    The natural fish oils which are found in bonito provide urinary tract health, reduce the buildup of hair balls and will keep your cat or dog’s fur shiny and beautiful. Bonito also contains Taurine which is an essential dietary requirement and protects your pet from serious eye maladies.

    These scrumptious flakes are a healthy daily snack. They can be served just as they are or can be sprinkled atop your pet’s food. Although bonito has been stereotyped as a food for cats, don’t forget that dogs love fish too.

    You can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes.


    Specifications for Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Dried Bonito All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 76% No Additives
    Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 12% Low Fat
    Taurine min. 35% Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute No Refrigeration Required
    • Stephen from Des Moines, WA

      These are great! For awhile, it was all one of our sick cats could stomach...

      Now, it’s just a great treat for our cats.

      I like buying directly, too.
    • Veronica from Richmond, KY

      Very fast shipping and my kitty LOVES them! Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering from Cat-Man-Doo in the future! ❤️
    • Dede from Dease Lake, BC

      My cats know it by “Fishies” all I have to do is say that word and both come running

      Awesome product!!!
    • Lloyd from Hamilton, ON

      Two of my four cats love Bonita Flakes
    • Bruce Westbrook from Savage, MN

      Our orange tabby’s Max and Micky are very thankful at lunchtime and at 9:00 every evening! They get a special treat that they really ❤️ Bonito flakes! They have internal clocks ⏰ and know what the time is and remind us if we forget to get them their treats!
    • Marj from Sudbury, On

      My cat absolutely LOVES the Bonito Flakes. And I love the fact that it's a healthy alternative treat
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      I have four cats. Their favorite “food “ is Bonita flakes. They hear the bag and come running. I am happy that it is pure protein and good for them. I order twelve four ounce bags once a month. Thank you Catmandoo from me and my kitties.
    • Chase from New Castle, PA

      My cat told me to write a review about the Bonito Flakes.

      Gavin loves it! He gets a little bit before breakfast and for a appetizer before dinner. It's a bit expensive for what you get but it's his favorite so I will continue to buy it for him.

      Gavin said to give it 5 stars because it's tasty and filled with protein.

      I give 5 stars because he eats it and I don't have to throw it away.
    • Elizabeth from Phoenix, AZ

      My cat knows that she gets a handful each morning, and she lets me know it's time for her flakes if I forget! She LOVES her Bonito Flakes and has all her life. I MUST never run out!
    • Lorraine from Lacey, WA

      Our Cat Bella loves the Cat-Man-Doo Bonita Flakes. She knows what cupboard they are kept in (who said cats aren’t smart? They just want us to think that!). I taught her to shake my hand by using these flakes, but most of all - she doesn’t fight so much when getting her medication because she knows she will get her Cat-Man-Doo flakes. Mud Bay pet store gives out samples of this, but I guarantee you’ll be buying a bag soon.

      Buyer of this product: years
    • Mark from Aurora, CO

      Cats, absolutely love Bonito Tuna Flakes, Used to order them from, They doubled the price... Cat-man- doo, product,

      stay well formed and flaky
    • Tim from Vista, CA

      Love the healthy natural alternative towards spoiling our felines!!!!!
    • Judy from Sun City Center, FL

      My cat loves bonito flakes. She thinks they are awesome. I would give 5 star
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      I have 4 cats. I can’t believe how much they love the bonito flakes. All four of them come running when I open the bag I am grateful that it is a healthy treat and am more than pleased with the service I get. My kitties and I thank you
    • Elizabeth from Phoenix, AZ

      Cats are funny. My cat Bella DEMANDS her Bonita flakes in the morning. She cries until I put them in her bowl. My other cat, Charles, is not a lover. I have had other cats love and not-love them, also. But if your cat loves them, she/he will LOVE THEM! And so, while Bella loves her Bonita flakes, I will continue to purchase them. I credit her lush, shiny, beautiful fur to those flakes. Bella is only 4, and has been eating Bonita flakes her entire life thus far, and I guess, she will have her daily treat every day forthcoming!!
    • Isaac from Portland, OR

      Bonitos are dried fish flakes, which are my cat's favorite treat. I am so grateful for Cat-Man-Doo,, they are one of the few places that carry them and at the best prices I've found
    • Wendy from Northville, MI

      I give this to my elderly cat who is picky about food. I put it in a bowl, easier to eat. His head is in the bowl BEFORE I can get it in!! I LOVE that he is getting extra protein
    • Patricia from Philadelphia, PA

      This was my second time ordering big bags of bonito flakes for my kitties- I got 2 bags and they were packaged perfectly- a cardboard box to prevent crushing in transit. This are such high quality flakes- my kitties and I are very happy with Cat-Man-Do and they will continue to be my go-to for the flakes
    • Tom from amhertsview, ON

      A very good product, my cat loves the bonito.
    • Vicki from Boise, ID

      Kitties LOVE the Boneito flakes and all their treats! Always fast shipping and free! And a darling Christmas Card! Love you guys!
    • Lloyd from Hamilton, ON

      I have two cats who love Bonito Flakes. The staff also is very efficient and customer friendly!
    • Patricia from Philadelphia, PA

      I love this product! Getting it straight from the company is the way to go- the flakes are packaged so that they don't get crushed and they've been handles less than buying them in a store. One of my kitties who is overweight gets these daily since they are low calorie/high protein and he loves them! This is my go-to for my kitties!!
    • Elizabeth from Phoenix, AZ

      My cat is addicted to these Bonito Flakes. Plain and simple, She cries and meows and if I am in close range, reaches out to grab my arm as I pass her by when she sits on a stand near where I keep it, should it not be in the bowl at its usual time in the morning. Must be honest and say that my other cat walks right by and could not care less that there is any in the bowl. Never steals it, so Bella has it all to herself. Cats either love it or are neutral. Bella LOVES it!
    • Patricia from Philadelphia, PA

      My cats love Cat-Man-Do bonito flakes! Buying directly from the company is definitely how I will be doing it from now on. The flakes were packaged in a small box so that they weren’t crushed in delivery- which is huge.

      The price I good had the delivery was quick. An overall good experience!
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      My family has four cats. They all go crazy for the bonito flakes! I’m happy it’s a healthy treat. They honestly can’t get enough of the stuff.
    • Donna from Calera, OK

      The bonito flakes are loved by both my cats and my dog. They make a good topping for their dry food
    • Brenda from Orlando, FL

      All I have to do is wiggle the bags and the cats come running! These Bonita flakes are wonderful, and apparently DECLICIOUS. Large, stinky (stinky is good) yummy giant "flakes' tissue paper thin... I offer it as a treat and a wet food topper. Get a big bag, GET SEVERAL your cats will thank you! :)
    • Yvonne from Houston, TX

      These flakes are pure magic! If my kitties are hesitant of fussy about eating their food all I do is sprinkle these flakes on top and they attack their meal and gobble it up. I love love love the Bonitos and my kitties do too!
    • Grace from Port Townsend, WA

      First food I’ve found that cat gets excited about! High (76% minimum) protein, no preservatives, no additives makes it healthy as well.
    • Joyce from Macon, GA

      I have quite a time in the summer getting my cats to keep up their eating of wet food. They seem to slack off quite a bit. If I put a small amount of Bonito flacks on top of their food they will eat where before the dish would remain untouched. I've been a fan for many years and have no intention of being without it. It makes me feel I am doing the most to please my cats. Yogi
    • Isaac from Portland, OR

      Bonito flakes are my cats favorite treat. Bonito flakes are difficult to find in a pet shop, when a place does carry them to he price is extremely high.
      Cat-Man-Doo sends fresh, high quality products. Using their website is quick and easy. Treats arrive when scheduled
    • Alice from Bradenton, FL

      Pets love the treat and the delivery of it was excellent
    • JEFFEREY from Laredo, TX

      Great Product, Great Service
    • Linda from Fernley, NV

      I am using Cat-Man-Doo for more than one reason. First they lower the price the more packages of Bonito Flakes I order. Also, now they have free shipping all the time. My cats absolutely love the Bonito Flakes and other treats I get on CMD. We want the best for them and CMD is it!!!! The people there are very kind and friendly which is very nice. I will continue to buy from CMD as long as my cats love their product and I feel they always will.
    • Linda from Victor, CA

      Tuna Flakes are the best treat ever made. My cats love them. A big thank you for the product. The service and friendliness of Catmandoo staff is wonderful. I’d give you more stars if I could, keep up the good work.
    • Linda from Fernley, NV

      I love the service with CMD and the prices. We have 2 cats that absolutely love the Bonito Flakes. I buy 12 bags at a time and with each bag or bags CMD reduces the price. That is good business!!! Plus they are so prompt with delivery and they always send a card signed by everyone...who does that anymore???? I take the card and cut it in a design to hang with the rest of my animal pictures on my computer. The latest card had both a dog & cat and coincidentally the cat looks just like our orange and white tabby. So, all I can say to complete this review is that I love CMD and the way they run their online business. Great customer care.
      Thank You,
    • Victoria from Longview, TX

      My cats love the Bonito flakes. I’m sure if I let them have access to the bag they would gorge themselves sick. Most of the sack has the nice big flakes, but my cats eat even the broken down pieces. There is usually very little of the flakes broken down. Those pieces are best sprinkled on top of food.
    • Mariah-Elena from Dundalk, MD

      I have 5 indoor kitties. All 5 love Cat-Man—Doo Bonito Flakes. One kitty, Sabeena (name means Beautiful) is crazy about Bonito flakes. She knows where I keep the flakes in a plastic container. She attempts to guide me to the cabinet where she knows I keep this container every time I am in the kitchen. It’s truly funny. as she meows the whole time until I give in. She becomes upset when I let any of my other kitties enjoy these flakes..

      Just had to share this with you....
    • Bruce from Apple Valley, MN

      Our cats 🐈 🐈 Max and Micky love 💕Bonito flakes and they seem too know exactly when it’s treat time 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM!
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      I have never seen my four kitties love anything as much as the bonito flakes. They can’t get enough of them! A perfect treat.

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