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    Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag

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     Our Bonito Flakes         

    • High-quality, single ingredient treat made from wild-caught bonito
    • Grain-free and filler-free for a healthy snack
    • Low in fat, calories, and carbs – won't contribute to weight gain
    • Natural fish oils promote urinary tract health and shiny fur
    • Contains Taurine – an essential dietary requirement for pets
    • Suitable for both cats and dogs – perfect for multi-pet households
    • Only 90 calories per ounce – guilt-free snacking
    • Used extensively in Japanese cuisine and seen in high-end restaurants
    • Produced by true pet lovers – you can feel great about rewarding your pet with Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes!



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    Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag

    Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes are a high quality, human grade product. It is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. Absolutely nothing has been introduced into the fish to compromise its purity. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 90 calories in ONE OUNCE of bonito.

    Bonito is a bony fish that hails from the tuna family. Cat-Man-Doo bonito is fished wild off the south east coast of Japan in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is used extensively in Japanese cuisine for making a savory broth. You may have also seen the wispy flakes topping exotic foods in high-end restaurants or in dishes created on The Food Network Channel. Bonito is sliced paper thin and then dried to a moisture rate of under 21%.

    The natural fish oils which are found in bonito provide urinary tract health, reduce the buildup of hair balls and will keep your cat or dog’s fur shiny and beautiful. Bonito also contains Taurine which is an essential dietary requirement and protects your pet from serious eye maladies.

    These scrumptious flakes are a healthy daily snack. They can be served just as they are or can be sprinkled atop your pet’s food. Although bonito has been stereotyped as a food for cats, don’t forget that dogs love fish too.

    You can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes.


    Specifications for Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Dried Bonito All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 76% No Additives
    Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 12% Low Fat
    Taurine min. .35% Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute No Refrigeration Required
    • Carol from Waynesville, NC

      My cats love the bonito flakes. They get some on top of their food and even pickiest eaters come for their food. Really great.
    • Carol from Waynesville, NC

      My cats love the bonito flakes. They get some on top of their food and even pickiest eaters come for their food. Really great.
    • Dean from Denver, CO

      Our cat loves these Bonito Flakes. Theyare a great snack and dont cause him to gain weight like other snacks. Ordering is easy and we receive them in a very timely manner. Packed well .
      You cant get a better snack for your furry friend.
    • Bryan from West Hollywood, CA

      About 4PM is the time I give Leo his delicious snack, Bonita Flakes.
      Every day, he reminds me about 1/2 hr. before so I don 't forget.
      He absolutely loves them.
    • Carol from Waynesville, NC

      Cats love the bonito flakes. Line up to beg
    • Karl from Sharon, NH

      Both cats LOVE the Bonito flakes and I love buying them direct from Cat-Man-Doo because they ship them protected and show up as flakes not crumbs. Bought elsewhere and they arrive crushed in soft bags or boxed with cans or bags.

      Either way, though, the cats LOVE their Bonitos!
    • Margaret from Santa Fe, NM

      Cat-Man-Doo bonito flakes are a staple in our home now. A big hit with our cat for the last couple years. My husband has even been known to add a few to different soups.
      I've also turned a friend onto them. Her cat thoroughly agrees that it belongs in the pantry.
    • Deborah from Mountain Home, ID

      Besides being a wonderful company delivering a top quality food, my cats love these bonita flakes. They are a fun way to incorporate extra nutrients into their daily lives.
    • Betty from Stanfield, OR

      Our cats just love the Bonito Flakes! I think they would eat the whole bag if we let them.
    • Elizabeth from Phoenix, AZ

      Bonito Flakes are not just for any cat! Only a select few cats will eat this delectable treat! But if one of your cats is one of the select few, they will adore this treat, wait for it every day, and eat it with gusto! I have two cats. One will not touch this treat, but the other relishes it. So I know when I put it in its bowl once a day, Bella, and only Bella, will eat it.. My other cat, Charles, has his special treat that Bella will not touch! Funny how they respect each other's treats! I started buying Cat-Man-Doo over 10 years ago when I had a cat named Peter. He loved his Bonito Flakes, and Bella came on to the scene when Peter was still alive and that is how she acquired her love of Cat=Man-Doo Bonito Flakes. And as long as 8 year old Bella is still with me, I will continue buying Bonito Flakes for her. She is sooooo worth it!
    • Patricia from Newport News, VA

      My cats love these treats. I'm surprised they haven't figured out how to rip open the bag, but they patiently wait for me to put them in their bowls. I am sure the Bonita Flakes contribute to their healthy coat and skin.
    • Long Time Customer from The Woodlands, TX

      I've been buying Cat-Man-Doo brand bonito flakes for many years and my cats have loved them. I put a bowl out and it's gone in no time. It's a great and healthy snack, much better than regular cat treats.
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      My cats absolutely love the Bonita flakes. I feel good giving it to them as they are a healthy snack
    • Sheila from New York, NY

      Our kitties have been fans of these flakes for many many years..Before I can have my morning coffee they have to get their treats..they LOVE them..thank you for a great product!
    • Jenelle from Kirkland, WA

      My kitty cat LOVES this product!
      She has always been a picky eater, but this is the one thing she gobbles up without hesitation, morning and night.
      I have her eating out of my hand--or is that the other way around?
    • Blake from Naples, FL

      I have been a customer for years And our 2 cats love their flakes, salmon cubes and chicken.
    • Sharon Fillis from Clayton, NJ

      My cat Nemo started eating Bonito Flakes back when he was 5 yrs. Old. He never ate snacks. We could not find any snack that he would eat. I saw this bag of Cat mandolin Bonito Flakes and though well I have tried everything else let me try these. From the first time he gobbled them up and wanted more. 10 years later he still has the same reaction everytime I pull out that bag of Cat Man Doo Bonito Flakes. He can smell them no matter where he is in the house and he comes running. Unbelievable.
    • Madeline from Prescott, AZ

      Jinx is a 19 year young kitty. I use the Bonita flakes for hair ball control. Plus keeps her interested in food she may not be as fond of.. great product
    • Judy from Trappe, MD

      I took a chance ordering THE BIG BAG of Bonito Flakes (for cats), not knowing whether or not my 15 year old cat, Spooky,( a very finicky eater), would refuse to even try a "new" food. I only wish I'd had a camera ready when she licked that very first flake ! She can't get enough !!! She actually lets me know when her dish is empty, and doesn't relent until it's filled with BONITO ! It will be a miserable time for ME if I ever run out !!! I'm off now to order MORE !
    • Elizabeth from Phoenix, AZ

      My cat, Bella, is a devoted fan of Bonito Flakes and has been for years! My previous cat, Peter, loved them and Bella followed, so I have been buying these flakes steadily since 2006! Bella devours her once-a-day treat! She has luxurious shiny fur and I credit that to the Bonita Flakes. And I am happy to say that my most recent order has nice full flakes and so I am not discarding bonita crumbs and feeling bad about losing half of the bag because of faulty packaging and crushed content. Although, it was appreciated that Cat-Man-Doo acknowledged this fault and included an extra bag in my order before last. I just ordered and received 6 bags so Bella will be a happy kitty for some time to come.
    • Mary from Houston, TX

      One of my cats is on prescription foods and dislikes tremendously. However once I sprinkle Cat Man Doo bonito flakes on the food, he eats all of it. My other cats love it also.
    • Jerry from Beaverton, OR

      All my cats love these flakes. They seem to be the freshest too.
    • Jerry C. from Beaverton, OR

      I have one cat that LOVES the Bonito Flakes from Cat-Man-Doo. And now it seems one of other cats likes them too. There high protein for my csts so I don't feel bad feeding them the flakes.
    • Batman & Robin from Las Vegas, NV

      My kiddos love cat man doos bonito flakes!
    • Batman & Robin from Las Vegas, NV

      My kiddos love cat man doos bonito flakes!
    • Dean from Denver, CO

      Great treats for my cat. Prices are goid and delivery is snappy. Treats that are healthy for our pets.
    • Lauren from Duryea, PA

      My cat, Fozzy, absolutely loves his Bonito Flakes (or as we call it- Kitty Kaveir).
      Thank you so much for making such a great and tasty product for him and shipping in such a timely manner!
      He is your biggest fan!
    • Jill from Spanaway, WA

      Our kitties are addicted to these "fishy flakes". When we prepare breakfast, they are at their positions on the table awaiting their fishy flakes. If one of us has given them their morning treat and the other doesn't know it, they will pose quite charmingly waiting for their fix for a second time.

      We found out that if we buy them on your website in "bulk", the price is definitely cheaper than the local pet store.

      Yes, we have "cat-dicts" for your yummy bonito flakes!
    • Jean from Bethesda, MD

      Just the sound of opening a bag of Cat man Doo Bonito flakes will bring all three of my cats running to get some. A great product
      Shipped fresh unlike ordering from other pet companies where the flakes always seem to arrive crushed.
    • Mike from Grafton, OH

      All I can say is we have 2 cats and they both love these!
    • Judy from New York, NY

      My cat is very fussy; she will only eat fish and seafood, and often leaves most of the food in the bowl, but she loves bonito flakes. So although they are very expensive, none of them go to waste. Also, this company ships in a box; the place I used to buy these via amazon shipped in a bag, and often the flakes would get crumbled to the point where they were too tiny to eat, so I appreciate shipment in a box.
    • Deborah from Mountain Home, ID

      We love our bonito flakes. My 2 cats love these delicate treats and I love them because they make my cats happy. I can't have a snack without my little girl cat literally screaming for a bonito snack too!!
    • marcia from Trinity, NC

      2 things,
      my cats love this stuff
      customer service is great
    • Linda from Tampa, FL

      My cats love the Bonita flakes, haha I think it stinks but they absolutely love it so I have to order it all the time bcuz I have 6 fur babies. I want to thank Cat-man-doo for giving us an extra bag bcuz they realized the bags weren’t really filled, it shows their honesty & they’ll always have my business.
    • JB from Eastsound, WA

      My. cats adore these flakes!
    • Lauri from Columbus, OH

      My cat has always loved these, and now my new kitty loves them, too. I used to get them off of Chewy, as little did I know, you guys offer better pricing! I will be ordering direct from you now, as the shipping was fast! Thank you!
    • Anne from Essex, MA

      I have 5 cats. Every one of them come running when I open the bag. They love the Bonita flakes! I feel good that I’m giving them a healthy treat.
    • Evy from Hendersonville, TN

      As a cat rescurer for 8 years i have given our 4 cats and those rescues needing a treat or help with adjustment after their owner died Bonita flakes. .
      All cats love this amazing food and my maine coon even gets up on 2 legs to try and get to the bag when she sees i have BONITA flakes in my hand.!!
      After ordering these flakes years ago via Amazon and 2 cats becoming ill I became aware of the importance of not being exposed to extreme heat that ofter occurs in Amazon ware houses ..esp in warm Southern California.
      We only purchase now directly from this manufacturer and have had OUTSTANDING SERVICE !!!!
    • Patricia from Newport News, VA

      My cat loves these flakes! His day is not complete until he has his flake treat. He will sit by his bowl to remind us of our obligation. Bonito is the best!
    • Sharon Fillis from Clayton, NJ

      I can’t tell you what I think of Bonito Flakes because I don’t eat them. I can only tell you what my cat , Nemo thinks of them. He LOVES them to the point he will not eat any other snack. I mean it, this has been going on for years. I have tried every snack out there and he will not eat any of them, only Cat Man Doo Bonito Flakes. I panicked when I start running low. I get right on the phone and order the bog box.

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