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    Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag

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    Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    This human grade, FDA inspected all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 102 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    The Sprinkles are packaged in a 5 ounce bag making them more economic than the clear shaker.  The scrumptious chicken is conveniently crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. The small grains can serve as a highly effective food enhancement when added to a meal.

    Sprinkles can be an important tool for pets on prescription diets. Prescribed foods can be bland and unappetizing to a cat or dog who may have little appetite to begin with. However, without these prescription diets, a pet with poor health may not live as long.

    Many veterinarians suggest topping the food with Sprinkles in order to revive appetite and to encourage a renewed interest in eating. We have been providing Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles to veterinarians for many years. As a precaution, we always recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.

    Proudly made in the USA.



    Specifications for Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Martha from Salem, OR

      My 17 year old kitty stoppped wanting to eat much. I started supplementing her food with Cat-Man-Doo Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles. She has regained her appetite but still gets her chicken as a little treat before bedtime. Thank you Cat-Man-Doo for helping my senior girl :-)
    • marianne from leonardo, NJ

      My picky cats often hold out and refuse to eat their food until they get some chicken sprinkles on top. I have since added the sirloin and they love that as well – it’s nice to have different options because they are very spoiled. Please don’t ever stop making these treats – I don’t think they would ever eat again! Lol.
    • Helen from Philadelphia, PA

      My Bengal cat Maya, would be the most enticing review of the chicken sprinkles. You see it is the humans who make mistakes.
      I did not realize that the sprinkles were a TOPPING for other foods. So this cat mom filled her second bowl with them.
      Big mistake. Maya, even though she weighs only 8 lbs adores these sprinkiles. I hear about it if her bowl is not filled with them.
      Her only other love is called Intense Beauty, so you know just who I am dealing with.
      When the last bag of six is almost empty, I panic.
      Such is Maya..........................
    • Sheila from Bronx, NY

      Cats love these. Have been ordering for many years.
    • Beth from Philadelphia, PA

      the sprinkles prevent usual cat shyness about trying and finishing foods of different sources. It's a G-d sent
    • Margaret from Kissimmee, FL

      I have two little yorkies who love the chicken sprinkles. I sprinkle it on their dry dog food and they eat it all up very quickly. When I ran out, they would not eat at their regular time. They do now.
    • Sheila from Bronx, NY

      These are the best! Have been buying them for years for our cats as a topping for food. They are a great appetite stimulant too. The cats just love them!
    • carol from vienna, VA

      a couple of my cats refuse to eat their wet food until I sprinkle it with the chicken sprinkles - it's like crack!
    • Sheila from Bronx, NY

      Have been buying these for years. Cats love these on top of their wet food.
    • carol from vienna, VA

      I have to use these sprinkles on top of my (spoiled) cats' wet food to get them to eat - it really helps to get my picky 17 yr old eating - also my 11 yr old with IBD. I always have to have them on hand. I'm also grateful that they are available as sprinkles - it saves me time because i don't need to crush up a bigger treat to top the food!
    • Nancy from Newnan, GA

      Oh cats will not even touch their expensive can food unless they have these sprinkles on top! Once they tasted was 'all over' for any other treats. I have to purchase at least 6 bags at a time....I have six adopted mix breeds. felines...but their taste is PURE BRED! Thank you Cat-man-D00 for making such a wonderful item!
    • Llewellyne from Champlin, MN

      So I first discovered these when I had a cat that wouldn’t eat after being sick. It worked first as an appetite stimulant/ snack then as a topper for his prescription food. Ironically, he now hates it. I assume it’s the associated memory of being sick. ( Totally understood. Let’s just say, even the smell of a certain cereal made me want to throw up for a few years after being sick myself.)
      The other cat, elderly with managed cancer, is a spoiled picky eater (again in part from being sick/anything to get him to eat and keep up to healthy weight) loves this. So much so I often have to put the freeze dried chicken sprinkles on a treat of fresh cooked chicken! His meal is just not complete without it anymore. I have tried a few other brands but neither cat will eat them. Only this brand will do, especially for my cranky old man.
      Pro: These are a good quality product that can make an excellent treat, and might help your pet eat if they’re sick or needing a new/disliked food.
      Con: Your pet might become “addicted”. Can be kinda expensive, BUT usually lasts a good while, it’s freeze dried chicken nothing else, and I’ve found its price to be fairly comparable to similar products.
    • Samantha from Bellevue, WA

      My cat’s favorite treat!
    • Davis from Ojai, CA

      I was looking for some sort of treat to give my kitties. We stumbled over the Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles in a local pet shop and though we would try it. From the first time until now (about two years later) our kitty sits and expects a treat from us. She loves it.
    • Helen from Philadelphia, PA

      Maya, our six year old Bengal cat, inhales these chicken sprinkles. Meant to be an addition to the main meal, Maya inhales this stuff.
      If her dish is not filled with them, she will let you know in no uncertain terms. In everything, Maya loves the best......................
    • carol from vienna, VA

      often i use the chicken sprinkles as an enhancer on my cats' wet food - they love it!
    • Lorraine from Winder, GA

      My two Birman cats just love these sprinkles on top of their food. Such quick delivery all the time from Cat-Man-Doo, great prices also.
    • tava from Seattle, WA

      My dogs love this. They are on a prescription diet and if we forget the sprinkles they just walk away from the food 😂
    • marianne from leonardo, NJ

      We're happy repeat customers -- the cats love them. Even the picky ones can't resist!
    • CatMomof3 from Bronx, NY

      My cats three adore the chicken sprinkles. In fact, one of them won't touch his food without them on top. I'm so glad I discovered I can purchase directly from the company as they are not always available at other sites. We have been using Cat-Man-Doo products for several years.
    • Phillip from Santa Clartia, CA

      The freeze dried chicken sprinkles are the best treats for our cats. They like as a treat and when put on food they even eat more food. Great Product.
    • carol from vienna, VA

      My cats love these! My Ginger will start to eat her food, then stop meow at me until I sprinkle some chicken sprinkles on top! I often use it to entice all 3 of my cats to eat, especially my 16.5 year old.
    • Barbara from Mt Laurel, NJ

      My cat would never and I mean never eat a treat of any kind and I tried them all
      A friend gave us sone cat nan foo and our cat went wild
      Can’t belong eve how much he LOVES these treats especially the sprinkles
      They are expensive but it brings our pet so much happiness it is worth it
    • Yolanda from Palmyra, PA

      My cat Lily loves these chicken sprinkles. I just bought her six packs for Christmas. My daughter bought her six packs for Christmas too. I just can’t believe how much she loves chicken sprinkles.
    • Marianna from Bellevue, WA

      All Cat-Man-Doo products I have ordered for my cats have been total successes! Their products, prices, and customer service is always excellent. Couldn’t recommend them more highly!
    • Linda from Portland, OR

      My Savannah sez, “ nothing but yumminess , mom!”
    • Davis from Ojai, CA

      We have two cats. One of them just loves cat-man-do0 chicken sprinkles. It's her favorite!!
    • Diana from Vista, CA

      My rag dolls love it sprinkled on their food. As long as the price stays relatively reasonable, I’ll be purchasing this:-)
    • carol from vienna, VA

      my cats sometimes need encouragement to eat their food, so i either use the sprinkles or crumble up the essential small pieces of chicken on top. they also like the soft salmon on occasion.

      i also some on different scratchers so one can hunt for them.
    • laurie from washington DC, DC

      IT WORKS! When my senior cat had to switch from her beloved dry food to a wet food only diet she protested -- by not eating. And she lost an unhealthy amount of weight. The "Chicken Sprinkles" were suggested by a neighbor. After a check of the ingredients to make sure it wasn't stuffed full of chemicals I tried it, and suddenly her appetitive was restored, with really just a very little amount of the product. So this has now become a regular part of the food regimen. Before this product I had already tried two others to no avail. I felt lucky to have found this solution relatively quickly.
    • Laura from Boulder, CO

      Great multi purpose product! I'm currently using as a topper on moist food to give a little crunch and enticement for my adult cats. Plus I'm using it straight up as a dry food alternative for 10 week old kittens. Nice bite size for kittens and they love them as do all of my adult cats!
    • Norma from Prescott, AZ

      I’ve been buying life essentials chicken treats for my cat since 2011. Our chunky kitty started her love of “White Lightening” as we call it as a kitten! We have moved to small town AZ from Redmond, WA where I could not find her treats at local stores! I took the direct route! I now buy them direct from you …. She loves them! We love your story since small business is one of the economic spines of our country! Thanks for your thoughtful dietary treats! Thanks for your great service! I know business in the time of COVID has been difficult & I congratulate you for perseverance!
    • Lisa A from Nederland, CO

      We have two Birman brothers who go crazy for anything freeze-dried chicken from Cat-Man-Do. They come running when I shake the bag! If I have a fussy eater, I can sprinkle the left-over powder on top and get them to eat their food. One refuses to eat anything beef, but when a bag of freeze-dried sirloin arrived, guess who scarfed it down?!! I have to make sure to order in advance because they would be very unhappy with me if we ran out. They go to a cat-only veterinarian who is very particular what their patients are fed and Cat-Man-Do is one of the few treats they recommend. I too, highly recommend them!
    • Tamara from Denver, CO

      My little Miranda loves these sprinkles. Anytime she has a canned food she doesn't really like (you know, the ones that are really good for her) I sprinkle some of these chicken sprinkles and she takes right to it. I also use it if her canned food has set out for a bit, add a little water, mix it up and chicken sprinkles and she will finish it up.
      So highly recommend by a 7 year old kitty.
    • Linda from Portland, OR

      I usually buy the chicken littles, but they’re having a supply problem. I have a Savannah cat, and running out of Cat-Man-Doo chicken was not an option, as I value my ear drums. I was afraid the sprinkles would be too small and a nose would be turned up, but luckily she dug right in! WHEW! Still anxiously awaiting the Littles...
    • Jamey from Seattle, WA

      I have been saying for months that Life Essentials needed to package their treat dust and sell it.
      I am a pet sitter, and part of my duties is giving kitties medications. One of the best, least stressful ways I have found to give them pills is to wrap it in a pill pocket and then crush up a Life Essentials treat and roll it in the dust. It seems like most animals do not like the taste of the pill pockets, lol.
      I also crush up the treats as a garnish for meals for picky cats, or kitty cats that are sick and have lost their appetite. After a while I have collected about six or seven bags because I'm saving the treat dust.

      I have been using this method for a year now on my own elderly cat who has kidney disease and no appetite. This helps her to eat and keep a good weight on her to help her stay as healthy as possible.
    • Phillip from Santa Clarita, CA

      Always had issues feeding the cat with good food and getting her to eat. We purchased the sprinkles and topped off her food with the sprinkles. She ate the whole amount and too if there were leftovers on the plate, more sprinkles and she would finish the food. We find this a perfect way to get both cats to enjoy their food and even as a treat alone.
    • Helen from Philadelphia, PA

      Our Bengal cat, Maya, thinks that just because she came from Seattle (long story) and now lives in Philadelphia in a Ritz condo, that she is entitled to the best.
      Until I found out what she liked I spent a ton money giving most of it away to our cat neighbors.
      She adores the chicken sprinkles and the salmon bits. I love that I know she is getting pure protein and no fillers.
      Once you buy it, beware that you never run out. I did and Maya was despondent. LOL
      Great products.
    • Susan from Olympia, WA

      Zeus loves Sprinkles!
    • Jay from Catonsville, MD

      A day without Sprinkles is a day without sunshine. Simply addicted. The breeder started with Chicken Littles before Webby came to live with us. After oral surgery the switch to Sprinkles was a no-brainer. The consistency of the quality is a plus. Try it and your cat will love it if they are chicken fans. Webby is a fan for life!

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