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    Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag
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    The perfect food topper for cats and dogs is on sale through February at our best prices ever!


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    Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    This human grade, FDA inspected all white breast meat is carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 70 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    The Sprinkles are packaged in a 5 ounce bag making them more economic than the clear shaker.  The scrumptious chicken is conveniently crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. The small grains can serve as a highly effective food enhancement when added to a meal.

    Sprinkles can be an important tool for pets on prescription diets. Prescribed foods can be bland and unappetizing to a cat or dog who may have little appetite to begin with. However, without these prescription diets, a pet with poor health may not live as long.

    Many veterinarians suggest topping the food with Sprinkles in order to revive appetite and to encourage a renewed interest in eating. We have been providing Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles to veterinarians for many years. As a precaution, we always recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.

    Proudly made in the USA.


    Specifications for Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Diane from Freeland, WA

      Two, our cat LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this. Received a sample from neighbor whose cat didn't like so was skeptical. I just put a tsp of it in a bowl. It's her favorite. No more temptations.
    • Sue from Jacksonville Beach, FL

      I have 3 cats and all of them absolutely LOVE the freeze-dried chicken sprinkles. I can't seem to keep them in the house very long because they all like them so much. I order at least 12 bags at a time in order to keep a few weeks supply in the house. Thank you so very much Cat-Man-Doo!!!
    • Paige from Scotch Plains, NJ

      This is my cat’s favorite treat after Bonita flakes. I give them to him during the day and he finishes his bowl. Love this product & company🐾♥️
    • Carol from MIAMI, FL

      My cat has been on chemo, and has become very picky. But she eats this!! I am so grateful
    • Marcie from Savannah, GA

      Chicken Sprinkles make a very picky cat very happy
    • CatMama from Waipahu, HI

      I have 8 cats and half of them really like these sprinkled on their dry food. It gives a little more "kick" to their food I guess. Especially for one of my Siamese mix, she is sooo picky with food so I tried this and she loves it. I also bought the dried salmon sprinkles and it's ok but the dried chicken runs out much faster with them. This really is good for picky eaters. Just sprinkle some on their regular food (wet or dry) and watch your kitty eat it up. Yum!
    • Carol from Hollidaysburg, PA

      My two senior cats are very picky eaters so I never know what canned food they will prefer to eat on any given day. I had been buying the freeze dried chicken pieces as treats and noted how much they love them. I noticed that the the freeze dried chicken also comes in sprinkles so I bought a bag. I no longer have an issue with their wet food. They can't wait to eat their canned food now. I also use the Bonito flakes and sprinkles and the salmon sprinkles when I feed them canned fish food. I now have all of the freeze dried products and my cats love them! Thank you Cat-Man-Doo for offering such great products for my cats!
    • Deirdre from Nahant, MA

      My cat LOVES these treats. She will eat pretty much anything I put them on. She's a picky eater (and recently diagnosed with CRF) so I love having these to help persuade her to eat. I also love that these are human grade, freeze dried so I know they're good for her and I don't have to worry about giving her too many because they're very low in calories and high in quality.

      I haven't tried the Bonito or Salmon flakes yet, but she loves tuna juice (when I give it to her) so I'm pretty confident she'd love them as well.
    • Sharon from San Francisco, CA

      My cat doesn't drink enough water and prefers dry food. However I now add water to canned food and put the sprinkles on top. He just eats it up. I love the fact that it's just one ingredient with no additives as well. Thank goodness for these sprinkles.
    • Mary from WHITTIER, CA

      The freeze dried chicken sprinkles are great! One of my cats has digestive problems & doesn't like prescription food but when I add the sprinkles to his food he eats...I usually buy the bags of freeze dried chicken with the bigger pieces for treats..our 4 cats LOVE them, but to add to food the sprinkles are the way to go!
      I have been buying this product for about 3-4 years now...highly recommend it!!
    • Michael from Fox Island, WA

      We have an old cat (15 years) that had become very picky about food. Food he had happily eaten for years was suddenly rejected. We tried just about every brand of top quality wet and dry food and most were received with an "it's ok just for today" attitude. We tried the chicken sprinkles as a "dusting" on top of wet canned food and it was an instant hit. He now happily eats whatever is presented with the sprinkles. He also has gone to only accepting only the larger CatManDoo chicken pieces as a treat. We have now switched to a freeze dried chicken food, but it still has to have the sprinkles on top or we get a loud "MEOW - where's the good stuff??"
      Highly recommended.
    • Lana R., Catsultant from Plano, TX

      If you have ever had a cat or dog who became a little picky or finicky about his/her food, Cat-Man-Doo's Freeze Dried Chicken Sprinkles is your solution! And, a very healthy solution too!

      As a Cat Behaviorist, I have recommended Cat-Man-Doo's Freeze Dried treats (particularly the chicken ones) for years. I have often heard that my clients' cats just didn't like treats of any kind---until they tried these Chicken Treats. Even cats who have eaten unhealthy treats for a long time LOVE these treats!

      Both of my daughters have added a dog to their household and their dogs are just crazy about these treats and love getting some Sprinkles on top of their food every morning. What a great way to add some healthy protein to their feeding regimen!
    • Carol from Hollidaysburg, PA

      I have two fussy Birman cats who don't always eat their wet food. Adding freeze-dried chicken sprinkles over their wet food ensures that their meal will be completely eaten. My 15 year old is in renal failure so it is imperative that he eats. Without the sprinkles he would nibble a little at his food and leave the rest. Adding the freeze-dried chicken sprinkles makes his meal much more enticing and he will generally eat every morsel, sometimes even wanting a second portion. Both cats love the regular freeze-dried chicken as a treat too.
    • Charli from Carrollton, TX

      Chicken Sprinkles are a meal time game changer for our picky eater Zoey. She used to sometimes go a couple days without eating.
      Not anymore. Just sprinkle a little on top of her food and she's one happy dog!
    • Tamara from Denver, CO

      My cat loves these sprinkles!
      If she's not really liking her canned food, I sprinkle these on her food and she will eat it.
      I also have the salmon sprinkles that she loves as well.

      Plus this is a great company to support!
    • Maryann from Clifton, NJ

      All my cats love these and get them sprinkled on each meal! It’s the 1st thing they eat!
    • Cheryl from Shelby Township, MI

      My dog absolutely loves a little of the chicken on her dry dog food. Plus I feel like I’m doing something special for her and healthy too.
    • Joan from Sammamish, WA

      The chicken sprinkle topping is just the thing to interest my picky greyhound. I pop a handful on her breakfast- her most unfavorite meal and let her smell my hand- been working great for the last 6 months. For a real special treat, I give her the chunky chicken pieces, Poppy's favorite treat in the world.

      Very pleasant company to work with too!
    • Traci from Springfield, OR

      We love the chicken sprinkles! We call it candy topping and sprinkle on top of my cats wet food!
    • Adopt, don't shop from Tallahassee, FL

      I have 3 special needs senior kitties, all on different foods with supplements and/or meds mixed in. "Sprinkles" really help increase the palatabilty of their doctored meals and encourages them to eat their meds instead of needing to hold them down and force it down their throats daily, which can be traumatizing to all involved. I just wish there were more flavors for cats with allergies since many kitties can't handle fish and beef and cheese (referring to the sirloin and cheese sample you including with our order, our neighbor's dog thanks you!). My cats get sick of the same flavors quickly, so I still have to buy various freeze dried treats that they can digest (turkey, duck, rabbit, chicken hearts) and painstakingly crumble or chop them into sprinkle form to add variety. It takes more effort than it sounds, trust me, so I love the ease of adding Cat-Man-Doo chicken sprinkles as often as my cats will eat them. If there were more allergy sensitive flavors I would be an ecstatic customer!
    • Midnight from Scotch Plains, NJ

      I love my new chicken sprinkles as they are a fun new treat🐾🐾

      I sprinkled it on my cat’s food at meal times. My cat’s favorite treats!!!! Convenient package options.
    • Denise from Canton, GA

      All 3 of my cats love these sprinkles and I always have them on hand. I sprinkle them on top of the raw food for my 2 younger boys to make mealtime more tasty for them. If I ever happen to forget them, they stand there and look up at me instead of eating to remind me! My oldest cat (Sammie) is 18 years old and has chronic kidney disease. I will use these sprinkles on top of his canned food to entice him to eat, and he loves them. In fact some days he is pretty adept at managing to eat mostly sprinkles and not much wet food with them! I am always happy when he eats well and these sprinkles help make it happen.
    • Linda from Keene, CA

      I hope this product is never discontinued because I have a cat that won't even look at his food unless he sees me sprinkle this magic dust on top. He knows immediately if I was too lazy to garnish his food with this tasty treat and will sit and stare at me until I properly address the situation. He doesn't allow skimping either, he will carefully inspect his bowl to assure he has received his duly deserved portion. he then insists on one pet across his head (where a crown should be) and then he will dive in. He has decided food without these sprinkles is just not worth eating!
    • Becki from Kenmore, WA

      So I have a cat with hyperthyroid and renal failure. I will do just about anything to make him eat keep weight on him. These chicken sprinkles are apparently the magic ingredient for him. He sees the bag and immediately lights up! The problem he won’t eat ANYTHING without the chicken sprinkles! Even the chicken bite and bits-(which are the same chicken!) have to have the chicken sprinkles on them! *facepalm* Seriously tho- these things are cat crack for both my cats. Great product!
    • Pamela from New London, NH

      My cat loves these Sprinkles. When I forget to put them on she sits patiently by her food bowl waiting for me to remember. A great, tasty treat for my cat.
    • Stacey Rae from Los Angeles, CA

      These are the purrrrfect size for kitties. My two boys go completely bonkers of them. I give them as part of their food. Thank you!
    • Donna from Calera, OK

      I sprinkle this on my dogs dry food. He just loves it. Also my cats love it as a treat before and after their meals. I especially like the way my kitten goes after it. She is a great fan. Very happy with this chicken.
    • Adrian from Sarasota, FL

      My cats are crazy about theses treats!
    • Simohn from Laredo, TX

      My daughters dog won't eat her food without her chicken sprinkles.
      One of my cats won't eat his food without Bonito flakes.
      I think you have them for life, HA!
      Thank you
    • Patricia from Triangle, VA

      My cat has diabetes and doesn't want to sit still for his insulin shot. I pour these chicken sprinkles in a dish and it keeps him occupied while I give his shot. They have been a life saver for him and me! No carbs.
    • Martha from Union City, NJ

      I have four Shih Tzus and they love the chicken sprinkles. They won’t eat their food unless I sprinkle it with the chicken. I have to make sure I always have it in stock. Great product.
    • Kinga from Waukegan, IL

      Awesome product, super fast shipping and A++ service! What more could you ask for? :-)
    • GARY from Little Rock, AR

      All three cats love the chicken sprinkles. One waits patiently by his bowl, one runs to their bowl once they sniff of an opened bag, and the third saunders in eating from what ever bowl she wants. Luckily, all get some and walk away satisfied!
    • Danielle from Tampa, FL

      We add chicken sprinkles on top of food to entice our skinny, picky little kitty to eat. It works like a charm. Sometimes he even asks for double sprinkles.
    • The Beaulac Family from Fitchburg, MA

      Our five cats go CRAZY for Cat-Man-Doo Chicken Sprinkles and Chicken Littles! We even have to lock the cabinet they are in because they've figured out how to open it, and have no problem helping themselves and throwing a party in the middle of the night. If they didn't get their treat every night at bedtime, there would be mutiny! I love them because I know they are healthy for my fur-kids.
    • Nancy from Bryceville, FL

      Chicken sprinkles is the ONLY treat my toothless cat will eat. Thank you for your wonderful, healthy product!
    • Judith from Roscoe, IL

      My cat loves the chicken sprinkles on top of her wet food. She looks up for more and waits for me to put some more on her food. They are loved by my cat, Fiona.
    • nancy from plainville, MA

      Cats get enough plus, with them having bladder stones, the ones that don't go away with ex food, this is a great healthy treat
    • Christine G from Cave Creek, AZ

      All I need to do to get my finicky kitty to try something new is top off the meal with some chicken sprinkles. It works.every.time. And because it is just dehydrated chicken, I am ok with giving it to him as often as needed (or wanted).

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