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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets 6oz. Bag

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    Your dog and even your cat will go crazy for these delicious Sirloin Beef Treats! 

    Sirloin Beef
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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets 6oz. Bag

    These human grade, FDA inspected, freeze dried beef sirloin chunks are the perfect way to add a scrumptious protein treat to your pet’s diet. They are perfect for dogs and are soft and easily broken up for cats.


    The sirloin chunks are fully cooked and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives. They are a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. They are low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so they won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 5 calories in each chunk of beef and each chunk measures approximately 1” in diameter. They are available in six ounce size pouches and are proudly made in the USA.


    Cat-Man-Doo official, furry taste testers have given these treats 2 paws up!

    Specifications for Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets 6oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Crude Protein min. 73% (Sirloin Beef) All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 71% (Sirloin Beef and Cheese) No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 11% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 2.5% High Protein
    Moisture max. 2.5% Low Fat
    Serving Size 4-5 pieces Healthy Meal Additive
    Calories (Sirloin Beef) - 5 per piece Appetite Stimulant
    Calories (Sirloin Beef and Cheese) - 6 per piece No Refrigeration Required
    • Debbie from Puyallup, WA

      I have been trusting this company for over 10 years for healthy safe treats for my kittens. The customer service is excellent. I will continue to buy their treats for many years. If your looking for a healthy choice for your pets I most definitely recommend Cat- Man-Do!!!
    • Stacy from Bellevue, WA

      These are great, high quality treats! The only treats my picky doodle will eat 😊
    • Wendy from Sherwood, 55

      Our two dogs really like the Sirloin Beef nuggets, but the price is a bit high.
    • Betty from Indian Wells, CA

      I use your beef nuggets to get my little girl Havanese to start eating. She’s a finicky eater but loves your beef nuggets and also your salmon. They are both so good for her as they are pure protein. All your products are wonderful, Betty Morgan. Tassy says thank you also!
    • Jenifer R from Santa Monica, CA

      I always feel confident I’m giving my pup the very best and why I buy these high quality one ingredient treats.

      Her absolute favorite is the little BEEF sirloin nuggets and we refer to as her favorite. She recognizes the red bag and loves her beef sirloin nugget treats.
      One ingredient!!! Just like we eat ourselves.

      Thank you for keeping the quality up and your fast and efficient shipping is amazing. Love supporting your small California business. Thank you!!!
    • Patricia from FORT MYERS, FL

      My Maggie -May loves these and they are the best.i I've tried other brands but all seem to have a texture to them I don't like. These are dry and definitely are burger
    • Jane from Flushing, NY

      I have 4 cats. They love this beef nugget a lot.
    • Cathy from Scottsdale, AZ

      My dogs LOVE these little nuggets! Gobble them right up! Baby sirloin burgers are their favorite treat by far! Highly recommend!
    • Cathy from Scottsdale, AZ

      My dog absolutely is hooked these small little burgers! They are fantastic! Single ingredient and healthy - straight protein! Low cal! Wonderful!
    • Louanne from STAMFORD, CT

      Love these freeze dried nugget treats. My dog Lucky goes crazy for the Sirloin Beef flavor.
      He will not eat any other treat! 👍🏻🐾
    • Jo from Lynnwood, WA

      This is a very healthy product that both dogs and cats have gobbled up when I've given it to them. It's 100% freeze dried beef and shaped like tiny little hamburgers. A really great product!
    • Kelly from Opelika, AL

      Dog AND cat approved!!!
    • marianne from leonardo, NJ

      My cat loves the dried sirloin nuggets and will eat anything I crumble them on top of. A great help for a desperate owner of a picky cat!
    • John G. from Wenonah, NJ

      Great freeze dried beef for both my cats and dogs. Dogs love this., but the cat loves the chicken littles a little more. She is a chicken girl, but still likes the Beefy nugz.
    • marianne from leonardo, NJ

      My cats are obsessed with the chicken sprinkles but since they were out of stock I thought we'd try the sirloin and they love that too! And I love giving them a healthy treat. Thanks for another great product!
    • Wendy from Bellevue, WA

      My labradoodle absolutely loves the Sirloin Beef treats. I can get her attention by rattling the bag. I bring them along on walks to distract her from anything I don't want her getting into. Works like a charm. And I feel good about giving them to her because they're 100% beef; nothing else.
    • IZ from Los Angeles, CA

      My cat likes Sirloin Beef very much. Good product and prompt delivery. Recommend this vendor.
    • WWPeacock from Bellevue, WA

      My dog adores the sirloin beef nuggets. A labradoodble but she can be a little out-of-control when she sees dogs she doesn't like. The treats diverts her attention immediately; so they're good for me and for her. Don't think I can be without them. Thank you.
    • Kathy from Silverlake, WA

      Both of my dogs loved this product. I have a 3 year old chocolate lab and a 4 1/2 month old yellow lab. They both are very interested as soon as I get the package out and love the product. Definitely recommend this.
    • Shelly from Lethbridge, AB

      I have the fussiest cat when it comes to treats. I have given away dozens of bags of rejected top of the line treats that he has turned his nose up at. I thought that I would never find a treat that he would like until I found these beef nuggets. He loves them. Goblets them up and wants more. I'm a happy camper now. Oh, and the dogs will do anything to get them. They do their tricks before I ask, they get so excited, and I have to try to get them to concentrate on my commands not the reward, lol. They are not ideal for training, lol, too yummy apparently.
    • Mariann from Seattle, WA

      This a favorite for my cats. I use them as hockey pucks for the cats to chase at treat time. I love supporting a local business & always appreciate the quick delivery. Thank you for all you doo!
    • Carol from Randolph, MA

      My 3 cats and dog love the sirloin beef, and the sirloin beef with cheese. I break them up and put on top of their food and they gobble them down. They love the chicken too :-)
    • melissa from Santa Fe, NM

      I thought my three Masters only liked the salmon treats. And by liked, I mean loved! Drive me crazy begging for treats. Even at two a.m. Then came the greatest tragedy of their time: The Great Salmon Drought of 2019. I tried explaining it to them, but to no avail. Then I found a tiny bag of the Sirloin treats. After having to explain why I had never served such deliciousness before ("They just invented cows, Master!"), they demanded that I order more. But of course, they are still anxiously awaiting the salmon. For now they are OK with the Salmon Sprinkles. The best part, for me, is no added ingredients. So no fat cats at this house!!
    • Shelly from Lethbridge, AB

      I have a very hard time finding a treat for my kitty, Chase. He is very particular about what he will and will not eat. I have thrown out bags and bags of treats that he just turned his nose up at, ones that are supposed to be irresistible. But he just loves these, he even goes to the cupboard and meows at the door which I never thought I would ever see him do for any type of cat food. I like them because there are no additives and so I know that I am feeding him pure protein not chemicals and fillers. I highly recommend these as the best treats on the market today.
    • Beti from Kingman, AZ

      Our kitties love (that's putting it mildly) the Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets for a treat. I've also used it finely crumpled as an appetite enhancer when one of our kitties was sick and wasn't eating. Every morning and then in the evening, I'm met with those little faces clearly expressing their desires. They have finely tuned treat alerts and never miss their times.
    • Angela from Buffalo, NY

      My fur kitties love these.
    • Anny from North Charleston, SC

      my cat goes nuts over these treats. I highly recommend this product. Great price great customer service.
    • Beti from Kingman, AZ

      Two of our kitties are "addicted" to the freeze-dried-sirloin-beef. I break them in two pieces because it's easier for them to eat. They wait until I get up in the morning and start talking as soon as I'm up. Two others are similarly "addicted" to the Chicken Littles . The treats are good for them; I checked with their doctor and she agreed it's a good treat and healthy.

      I know for a fact that the Sirloin Beef and the Chicken Littles gave us a few extra months with our Spike that had kidney failure and adding these ground up on his food helped his appetite. For that I am forever grateful to Cat-Man-Doo!
    • Angela from Buffalo, NY

      My cats absolutely love these treats
    • Beti from Kingman, AZ

      I purchased the Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets mainly for our kitty Spike who is a renal kitty. He has fought since June of last year and your product has been a great appetite enhancer. We also use the Life Essentials Chicken Bits, Chunks, and the Life Essentials Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef & Cheese Nuggets.

      We, of course, checked with his Veterinarian before giving these and she was all for it. She knows and approves of these flavors to help Spike eat better.

      My husband & I firmly believe that Cat-Man-Doo has helped give Spike a few more months of a good quality of life than he might have otherwise had. We thank you so very much for such wonderful products.

      We have other kitties and they look forward to their morning treats of all the flavors I give them.

      Thank you & God Bless,
      Beti & Buddy
    • Jill & Frank from Glendale, AZ

      Our four cats went crazy for the Sirloin Beef Nuggets. Once they tried it they were hooked. One of our cats, Ranger, has begun to verbally badger us to give him one of the treats whenever we are in the area where they are stored. He will also forcibly take them from the other cats and he is difficult to restrain him from doing so, he's a Maine Coon. We highly recommend this product with one warning, your cat(s) will go ballistic for them.
    • Rachelle from Sherborn, MA

      My sister's dog loved the samples. So I decided to buy a bag for each of the dogs that I walk as a holiday gift!
    • Ragdoll Mom from Milton, DE

      Cats loved these single ingredient beef treats!
    • Tate & Nucci from Seattle, WA

      We are writing this review since our human doesn't actually eat these treats. We think of them as our version of kitty crack!! Our human hides them so we get to hunt for cow!! (Which we could never do where we live) We especially appreciate the nuggets grated on top of our raw food. Yummy! Thank you Cat Man Doo for all you do!
    • Cristine from Spokane, WA

      All 3 of my cats love these! They look like little hamburger patties so when I ask my cats if they want a burger they come running! Even my outside feral loves them!
    • Sharmzie from Singapore, Singapore

      My 2 cats love this tremendously. I have ordered over 10 bags in the process and we crush it to put it on top of their food. I highly recommend this product. Its really good!! Thank you Cat Man Doo for making such high quality cat treats.
    • Michael from Bothell, WA

      Our cat has been a long-time fan of the Cat-Man-Doo freeze dried salmon bites. So, when I learned that Cat-Man-Doo was also selling beef nuggets we had to give them a try. Let me tell you, our cat goes nuts for them! She meows like crazy, spins in circles, and literally sits up and begs for these treats. We went through the bag in no time. It's been less than a month and I'm back ordering more!
    • Sheryl from Newbury park, CA

      My cats love these as much as they love the chicken. I never feed fish so I was very happy to have a new flavor instead of the chicken. Now they have variety.
    • Alice from Yuma, AZ

      My mini schnauzers love the treats. I have them in a glass jar on my counter and if they hear the jar move they are at attention waiting for the lid to open. I like that the treats are natural treats with no additives.
    • Becky Brooks from Plainfield, IL

      I was really interested in trying the Freeze Dried Sirloin Beef Nuggets for my dog. We give her chicken littles but I was happy to give her some other choices in healthy treats. I thought that these little treats were excellent. They look like tiny hamburgers complete with grill marks.

      My dog Millie is a 17 lb Westie, and she liked the treats just fine. I gave them to her dry and rehydrated and she seemed to like them equally well. I also added some on top of her food and she liked that too. You could crumble them for a food topping if you want to spread out the flavor.

      I also tried re-hydrating them in hot tap water. They do not absorb water as fast as the chicken but they turn into tiny hamburgers after a few minutes. I could not resist tasting one and while I am sure it's not recommended for humans I thought it tasted just like a hamburger! I tasted one dry and it was not really good so I would say they have a lot more flavor when they are re-hydrated, but my dog did not seem to care either way.

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