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    Freeze Dried Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag

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     NOTICE: New Product! - Freeze Dried Chicken Imperfects  

    Imperfects offer a chance to get our delicious freeze dried chicken strips at a reduced price in a big 1 lb bag. Check it out here.

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    Freeze Dried Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    These small bites of human grade, FDA inspected all white breast meat are carefully sliced into strips. The strips are then fully cooked to eliminate any possible bacteria and then perfectly freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives.

    This is a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 102 calories in ONE OUNCE of chicken.

    The smaller pieces, approximately the size of a piece of popped corn, are the perfect size for cats and small dogs.

    These scrumptious little bites are a healthy daily snack and you can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken Littles.

    Proudly made in the USA.


    Specifications for Freeze Dried Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Sharon from Burlingame, CA

      Cheddar, Tiny, Cocoa, Pepper,, and Barry LOVE their Chicken littles freeze dried treats. They hear the sound of that bag being opened and come running!
    • Stella the cat from San Antonio, TX

      Meow! (For those who don't speak cat - translation: LOVE THIS!). Meow, meow (translation: Buy more NOW!). Meow, meow, meow (translation: Show me how to order it myself... useless humans!)
    • Linda from Portland, OR

      My Savannah cat loves this chicken. Sooo glad they got the 24 ounce bags back in. Right now it’s pricey, but my baby’s worth sacrificing for.
    • Paul from Bothell, WA

      Our cat and our dog LOVE the Cat-Man-Do chicken Littles. The pieces of freeze-dried chicken. They are the perfect size for small treats. I usually give them treats in the morning; they would like them all the time. It’s a great product.
    • Christopher from Redmond, WA

      Order was easy to execute and delivery was prompt and accurate. Thanks

      Stocked my kitties up with several bags of this wonderful treat. Pricing is even better buying direct from Cat-Man-Doo! Will do again.
    • GC from San Antonio, TX

      Our cat absolutely ADORES these goodies! A small bowl she gets as a nightcap is the highlight of her day. BTW, we've found that rehydrating them with a very small amount of water makes them easier to eat (when dry, they crumble easily).
    • Kim from New York, NY

      There are only a few treats that make my fur baby beg and these chicken littles are one of them.
      I have tried many different freeze dried chicken treats and Cat-Man-Doo's are hands down the best!
    • Linda from Portland, OR

      I have a Savannah cat, so I usually buy the giant 24 oz bag of chicken littles. But...can’t be without them, so as that size outta stock for a while was forced to buy a bunch of smaller bags. Same awesome product just more money, but as I said, there is no way I can’t have these on hand!
    • Paul from Bothell, WA

      Our dog and cat LOVE the freeze-dried chicken. They live for it. They beg me for it. If I do not give them a rest in the morning, they will stare me down. It works. The size, consistency and, presumably, the taste (I haven’t eaten any) is great. I’ve tried other brands, a cat-man-foo treat is the best. Don’t believe me, ask Coco and C
    • Brandi from Yuma, AZ

      These are the only treats my Bengal will eat. She begs for them every time I go in our pantry. If she had her way this is all she would eat.
    • Sheila from New York, NY

      The cats started out as big fans of the bonito flakes, but they now demand their chicken littles as well!
      They are picky eaters, so it feels good to give them something nutritious as well as delicious:)
    • Katie from Shallotte, NC

      We (the cats and I) love these chicken bits! I am so grateful for the smaller size, as it reduces the "dust" of breaking them into smaller bits. The cats would knock me down to get these if they ever figured out how to work together. I have even tried these, personally and I was impressed. Thank you for making such a great product available for our kitties!
    • Carol from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

      darn cat won't eat UNLESS I top meal with some Littles
    • Barbara from Renton, WA

      The perfect treat. All three of our cats (Tristan, Alfie and Tux) will give me a dirty look if I don't give them the amount they want.
      Ordering is easy, just a few clicks. No constant stream of ads. When there is a sale a notification is sent. Owner answers the phone! He truly believes in this healthest of treats. And company donates, too. Yes, is expensive but no vomiting from pure white chicken treat. Timely delivery.

      Bottom line: Cats love it. We love our cats. Best healthest treat.
    • Alice from Redmond, WA

      Our two cats absolutely love the Chicken Littles. If they are hiding and refuse to come out, I simply say "chic chic" and I immediately have two cats front and center ready for their treat. Best part is that they are healthful for them. Thank goodness for the Chicken Littles' cat magnet quality!
    • Maryjane from Bradenton, FL

      My beautiful Siamese cat has me trained quite well. When her dish is placed on her mat she checks to see if there are bits of CatManDoo chicke sprinkled on top of her regular food. If not she can't be bothered with it.
      She also likes three of the large chunks in addition to her regular dish of food.
    • Jessica from Rockwall, TX

      My 2 dogs and 2 cats love the chicken littles. It’s their favorite treat. Highly recommending!
    • Sonja from Tacoma, WA

      Y'all read my mind! (Or you read my note somewhere) I received my shipment yesterday and opened the bag for treat time. Thank you so much for the lightning fast response to my order. What blew my mind was all the samples you included in the box. I had written somewhere that I would love to try some of your other flavors, but didn't want to buy the big bag and then have my furkids turn their noses up at them. My cats are very slow to try new foods, so I use treat time to introduce them to new things. It's worked pretty well so far. Thank you!
    • Deborah from Hudson, NH

      These are the best! My two cats would not allow me to live peacefully if it weren't for these. They love them and will do almost anything for them. I like the quality of this product and feel that it is good for the kids since it has such a simple ingredient. Very economical also. I have just ordered the 24 Oz bag which even more economical. They are pretty quick in shipping. Great product , great service!
    • Elsie from Gaithersburg, MD

      Chicken treats; Snowball, Nona and I have a nightly ritual. Just before I get into bed, they get treats. It is adorable. they never ask or beg for treats any other time, however, when I go into the bedroom they follow and sit and wait for the ritual. They love these treats.
    • Paula from Altoona, PA

      Thank you Cat-Man-DOO!!!! I was looking up a canned food review for my baby Tinkerbelle, my loving 10-year-old cat when I came across a customer review which included your product. You see, my baby was diagnosed back in February 2020 with Hyperthyroidism and losing weight and I was frantic to search for reviews about food companies my Vet recommended. I was hoping she would like the taste because she is finicky as I'm sure most can be or are. Anyhow, as I mentioned, as I was reading about that, a woman mentioned that her friend said Cat-Man-DOO sprinkles helped her cat eat more. So not only did my baby like thank GOD (literally), the taste of the recommended food but I also wanted her to eat a lot more to gain weight for the upcoming procedure we were getting this month of March. So I bought the sprinkles and what a success!!! She loves the chicken and the Sirloin. My vet originally recommended another medicine to enhance her appetite, (back in Feb as we had to get her to gain weight for this month) but I am against meds for myself and prefer not for her unless absolutely necessary which, it was not. These Cat-Man-Do snack foods, because they are not a meal, just a snack on top of food to get her to eat much more than usual and it works so wonderfully, I cannot say enough good stuff about them. Also, made her in the USA, oh how I LOVE to see USA everything lol, anyhow, but also it's the fact that they are made from real meat!! And Nothing added in. Natural and just freeze-dried. You gotta love that, I do!!!! Thank you -Thank you, Cat-Man-DOO!!
    • Linda from Bainbrige Island, WA

      Understand that ordering your first bag of freeze dried Chicken Littles is a commitment. Your kitty will become addicted with the first bite - and there you have it.. I had an elderly sedentary kitty. I purchased Chicken Littles as a toss treat to give him some exercise. This changed his life, He became healthier, and became an evening ritual. I now have a 3 month old kitten. One toss and that was all it took for him as well. So I now have 2 kitties addicted to "Chickie Chase" every evening. Just sayin'. This is an addictive treat. Ordering that first bag is a committment to having happy and healthy kitties.
    • Barbara from Columbia, TN

      My cats name is Cookie , I ordered the Freeze Dried Chicken Breast which she loves , she try’s to get in the box when it arrives , as soon as she sees the package she goes to her bowl & meows until she starts eating it , she absolutely loves it . I love it too , it’s so easy , I get the little squares. I’m so glad this company has this .
    • Maryjane from Bradenton, FL

      My Siamese expects here Cat-Man-Doo chicken treats "before" she will eat her meals. Of course, she also expects them "after" as well.. She does not eat any other kind of treats period!
    • Barbara from Columbia, TN

      I ordered the freeze dried chicken little , my cat loves them , the pieces are small & I don’t have to brake it up so she can eat them so I like them too... I’ll b buying some more in s week or so .
    • Lorrie from Shingletown, CA

      Our cat, Uncle Murray LOVES Chicken Littles during the day for his cravings 😊. And his cousin, a sweet dog named Buster, LOVES the Chicken Sprinkles as a topping on his food!
    • Norma from Prescott, AZ

      Always Cat-Man-Doo.... gets 5 stars from this Cat family! First of all from Tess, The cat... who is addicted to her treats! 2nd of all from the Family of humans whom since she had her first taste have been catering to her treat needs. If you EVER thought you could train a cat... it just might be possible to do so with Chicken littles... Tess would do ANYTHING (well almost... she IS a cat, after all) for her treats. Thanks for the great mail order service & quantity discounts. Obviously the previous words would be empty if a great quality product we can trust for our girl was not provided . THANKS for everything....Tess and ALL the Wilcox Family
    • Lorraine from Phoenixville, PA

      I have been buying the chicken Littles for years. My cats love it. As soon as they hear me pick up the bags they come running.
    • Harold from Cincinnati, OH

      The Chicken Littles make the perfect healthy snack and meal addition for our 10yr old and 1yr old. Even for our 10 yr old, the picky eater who turns his nose up at nearly every treat, one shake of the bag and he comes running. We highly recommend this product.
    • Maryjane from Bradenton, FL

      My Siamese considers your product Treats! but Treats are required before she will eat her regular wet food. She will not eat any other kind of cat treats Period!
      Her 2 old Tonkinese brothers like the Chicken Littles also but she tries to gobble them up before they know she has them. If she discovers they have Littles for treats she will shove them out of the way and clean them up fast!4
    • Robin from Menomonee Falls, WI

      My little Izzy adopted us about a month ago. The Chicken Littles are her favorite bedtime treat, I like to hydrate the pieces with a little spring water (tap water adds bad stuff to good stuff) and feel good knowing she is eating healthy and delicious food. Thank you, Cat-Man-Doo, for making awesome healthy products.
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats wait for their treats each day! They are addicted to them!!
    • Lori from Redmond, WA

      You guys rock!
    • Claudia from Longview, WA

      My cats (all 4) love this product. Natural way to give healthy treats. I am never without it.
    • Tiger from Sai Kung, N.T.

      My 18 years old Tiger has been enjoying freeze dried chicken for 6 years since it was first available in Hong Kong! She would not give up complaining till she gets her afternoon treats!

      She has now gone deaf for about 7 weeks but manages to lick her lips by the cabinet to demand her chicken bits. The same when she wants it in her wet food which is sprinkled on top, lest she would refuse to eat till her demands are met.
    • Claudia from Longview, WA

      My four cats love these things. I feel they are a very healthy snack.
    • Elizabeth from Woodland HIlls, CA

      My cat loves these treats! I always need to keep a steady supply in the house so he stays happy.
    • Elaine from POMPANO BEACH, FL

      Jack and Sawyer are finicky. Plus, Jack needs low fiber. That's why I was so very happy that they both like chicken littles. Sawyer starts whining (sorry, Sawyer) just that little bit earlier now that they have chicken littles to look forward to. And I can tell why. It has a delicious smell of chicken. Much different than the other freeze-dried chicken which smells like cardboard. The chicken littles are just the right size. I don't have to break them into smaller pieces and there's much less excess, in fact, very little "dust-off" than other freeze-dried brands. Obviously, a more expensive product than picking up your off-the-shelf supermarket brands, but best of product type I've found.
    • Bob from conway, SC

      This is my little buddies new favorite treat! They still get their"fishy flakes"of course,but these are their evening snack..

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