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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Sprinkles - 6oz. Pouch

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    This is a large 6oz. pouch of Freeze Dried Salmon made from the highest quality salmon filets.  These 1/4" x 1/4" pieces are perfect for smaller dogs and cats and they really are the highest quality you can buy.  Because they are a harder crunchier cube dogs and cats get the added benefit of a tasty treat as well as cleaner teeth.  This product is available now so please grab them up while supplies last...


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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Sprinkles - 6oz. Pouch

    All Life Essentials products are part of the trustworthy Cat-Man-Doo brand.

    ***Life Essentials Freeze Dried Salmon Sprinkles will be stocked on a temporary basis only and are available only while supplies last.  

    Life Essentials Salmon Sprinkles are a single ingredient treat free of grains and fillers and are dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives. They are low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so they won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 135 calories in ONE OUNCE of salmon.

    Salmon Sprinkles are already crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. For pets on prescription diets which may be bland and unappetizing, the Salmon Sprinkles can be a successful tool in enticing your pet to eat. As a precaution, we always recommend that you consult your veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.

    Proudly made in the USA.



    Specifications for Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Sprinkles - 6oz. Pouch
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 84% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 5% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    * Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Stephanie from Palm coast, FL

      My dogs absolutely love the salmon nuggets. They can’t get enough of them. They shipped fast and they are well packed and a reasonable price. Thank you so much.
    • Justin from Arlington, WA

      Kitties love it! Have not found a treat they like better.
    • Lorraine from Englewood, CO

      Let me start by saying I have a Cavachon that is allergic to chicken and has severe stomach and picky sensitivities to most treat brands out there. It used to be a struggle to find treats that she both loved and agreed with her digestion, until I found this brand. I have been ordering the Salmon sprinkles for months now & it has become a life changer!! Not only does she love these treats, but they agree with her stomach and don’t have heavy chemicals or processing so I feel good about what I’m giving her. I’ve also noticed an improvement in her hair, skin and nails since we have started on these treats and it’s been so fun to see her so excited about them! I cannot recommend this brand enough & will continue to come back for more!
    • christine from Cambria, CA

      I want to say I’ve been buying these healthy treats to our cats for years. Ever since I bought some at a local shop I’ve been buying directly to you and it’s much cheeper. Your orders come quickly and you product is exceptional! The store bought treats are not near as healthy as just the pure dried salmon.
      Thank you, Christine in Cambria❤️
    • Sunny from Tustin, CA

      I care for 10 cats, some inside the house, some outside. All the cats love this treat, and the price is very good.
      Thanks for providing affordable, quality treat.
    • denise from santa fe, NM

      Both our doggies LOVE them
    • Paula from Flushing, MI

      My cats love the crunchy sprinkles
    • marianne from Leonardo, NJ

      My cats have been big fans of the chicken sprinkles and sirloin pieces for quite a while now so I decided to try the salmon crunchies and was not surprised to find they’re a big hit too. My cats love the taste and the crunch and I love that they’re healthy snacks with some omega-3’s which they need. I don’t feed them a lot of fish but I feel good about giving them these because I know they are high-quality. On a win- win!
    • Cheryl from Seattle, WA

      My dog & cat crew loves these treats! I either give them whole or crush some up to sprinkle as a topper for my picky eaters. Winning!
    • JHoward from AMARILLO, TX

      The Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon "Crunchy" Sprinkles are a great value.
      My cats are not as crazy about them as they are the regular freeze-dried salmon chunks as they are a harder texture, and they are spoiled to the softer freezed-dried treats. I thought I would try them as they are a much better price point. They will eat them, but they do prefer the larger more tender salmon treats.
    • Janet from Kirkland, WA from Kirkland, WA

      My cat is WILD for these. So spoiled now, that he won't eat his food without these sprinkles. He's like, "gimme the good stuff!!" His fur is softer and bushy and I feel so good about giving him healthy treats. Kitty and I were fortunate the day we found Life Essentials, a company that truly cares about animals and their welfare. Thank you.
    • Cecelia from Pittsburgh, PA

      My dog and cat both love these salmon treats! often our cat won't touch her food until we "garnish" it with crunchy sprinkles. I reall y like the small size and firm texture. They are ideal for rewarding a dog on a walk without crumbles or calorie overload. The other dogs at the dog park love them too!
    • Carolyn from Kennesaw, GA

      Our cats love the salmon sprinkles, even the ones I thought only liked chicken!!! After playtime I make sure they get some and after reading reviews above, I think I'll try adding some to their wet food occasionally too! Cat-Man-Doo is the BEST -- healthy food, excellent shipping! We have 15 rescued cats so we order often!
    • James from South Eastin, MA

      I don't know what my 3 cats would do without these salmon treats. they love getting a handful at dinner time when we are sitting down to eat. and I thank God, they are affordable. and lets not forget how fast they are shipped
    • Frank.G from Caledonia, IL

      We (us and, well, actually our cats) love the Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon "Crunchy" Sprinkles.
      We only feed our critters what's the best for them, both dry and wet food.
      The "Crunchy" Sprinkles are the perfect compliment to their diet both in flavor and nutrition. We crush them up and add to their daily food and let me tell you.....they love it.
      We had to switch food ( two of them had to get switched to a prescription food) and at first they put their nose up and didn't want it.
      Solution...add some crushed up "Sprinkles"....and there was nothing left.
      Finding Cat-Man-Doo is truly a great piece of mind.
      Customer service is A+ to boot.
      Been a customer for several years and well keep coming back.
    • James from South Easton, MA

      My 3 kitties love their salmon treats and I thank God I found you guys with the lowest price and highest quality that I could find and free shipping, it doesn't get better than that
    • Karen from POMPANO BEACH, FL

      My 2 dogs love the treats. I use them as treat for training and rewarding their behavior. The salmon is crunchy and the dogs look forward to their crunch salmon..
    • Todd from Seattle, WA

      AMAZING!!! I'm a professional dog trainer and these have become one of my go to high value treats. Dogs LOVE them. The bits are perfectly sized for training, Are healthy 100% salmon. 5/5
    • Esther from Purcellville, VA

      My 19-year old cat, Ms Bitsy, is ADDICTED to these crunchy sprinkles!!! They are actually not sprinkles, but small solid chunks of salmon, and Bitsy will not eat her prescription kidney diet food (for kidney failure) unless I put a dozen of them on her food. She'll eat all the salmon bits, and then I have to add more - somehow while she's inhaling the salmon, she also consumes her "real" meal. Highly recommend these for finicky eaters and as snacks!
    • James from South Easton, MA

      my 3 cats, are out of control, eating these treats, they love them so much, they remind me at that time of the day
      and it is a good thing the price is write, otherwise, I would be broke,LOL
    • Jude, Tourie, and Emiline from Mount Pleasant, MI

      Unfortunately, my 2 approximately 10 year old cats couldn't be much less interested or pleased with the salmon sprinkles. They usually won't eat them unless they run out of food. I don't think there's anything exactly wrong with salmon sprinkles, I believe it's just my cats personal preferences, hence 3 stars instead of 1. When I mix the salmon with chicken littles, they'll eat around the salmon. Btw, chicken littles are their Most. Favorite. Treats. Ever!
    • Judy from Rumford, RI

      Yay! Finally something that will entice my cat to eat her food !
      Although some of the bits are a little too hard for a 18 YO feline, I have a solution.for that.,,,.
      I use an old coffee grinder to crush those EXTRA crunchy no waste. either.
      Plus the price is very reasonable. So glad I went to the " company" website for her Little Essentials
      Sprinkles instead of a third party. (plus super fast delivery too.).
    • Aura from Seabeck, WA

      Kitties love it like they do everything Cat-Man-Doo makes. No more wet food left in the bowls, add a couple salmon crunchies and they clean their bowls. Also adds a nice bit of tooth cleaning. All natural, locally sourced in the clean PNW, always made and packed with care. They can taste the love in every bite!
    • James D from South Easton, MA

      my 3 cats are hooked on these wild salmon treats, nothing else will do
    • Sandy from Oklahoma City, OK

      Our cats are a big fan of these crunchy treats! They normally get the soft salmon sprinkled on their meals but for a change, these are great.
    • connie from las vegas, NV

      My cats love the crunchy sprinkles and have them for “dessert” after their wet food every morning.
    • Brandy from Joplin, MO

      Fantastic. The cats love them and they are not just dust like the chicken sprinkles these are actual pieces
    • Shelly from Lethbridge, AB

      I have two very active poodles who are very picky eaters. I add the salmon sprinkles to their dry food and they gobble it up. I have trouble finding treats that my cat will eat but he loves both the salmon sprinkles and the beef nuggets. I was sent samples of other products and to my surprise my cat loved all of them. I’m sure the dogs would have loved them too but I kind of spoil my cat, lol.
    • Sandy from Oklahoma City, OK

      We found these during the switch in recipes on the soft salmon treats. My cats (inside and outside tnr's) love them as a change. They love the crunch and small size. Thanks for the innovation!
    • krista from utica, NY

      My cats love them. I also crush them & sprinkle on food when certain fussy customers are not easting well, It does the trick!
    • Cat name: Lady from Littleton, MA

      I bought three different kind of Cat-Man-Doo products (Chicken, Salmon, Sirloin Beef). My cat LOVES all of them. Too many good things to say:
      1. Each product is made of exactly one ingredient.
      2. No shipping cost
      3. Delivery is fast
      4. great customer service

      Thank You for making such a wonderful products. I will continue to order.
    • Bev from Port Angeles, WA

      My 6 cats all love these crunchy sprinkles, as a treat. I've also taken them to a cat rescue, and almost everyone jumped on them. One cat held out for a while, but peer pressure got to him and he ended up crunching a few at the end. They're small enough that even the feral kittens could enjoy them.
    • Cynthia from Pewaukee, WI

      My cats LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the Cat-Man-Doo products (except Sirloin Beef which I don't buy. Ever seen a cat chasing a cow????). I will occasionally give them a few chunks of the chicken for a little snack in the afternoon. They can be sound asleep napping but when they hear the bag they race to the kitchen! And they always get treats (chicken and salmon) before bedtime. They both wait in the kitchen around bedtime because they know what happens around 10 PM! I love that each product is made of exactly ONE ingredient - chicken, salmon or bonito flakes. Nothing else added. I always know that my kitties get the a pure food.
    • Chery from Redondo Beach, CA

      Love Cat-Man-Doo Salmon sprinkles!!!!
      The perrrrfect treat for our senior rescue cats 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 here at
      Just the right size to fit in food puzzles and I feel it’s a healthy treat I can give anytime.
      Thank You for making such a wonderful cat treat
      Peace and Paws
    • Orville from Woodstock, GA

      my finicky cat didn't care for the salmon at all. We tried everything put it in water grounded up in little pieces and she just would not take to it. But she loves the chicken Hallelujah
    • Lois from Califon, NJ

      These are a wonderful size and texture for cats. They are crunchy but not hard so the cats really enjoy them. I love the fact the Cat Man Doo uses high quality ingredients. I know I am giving the cat clan the best possible treats.
    • Lois from Califon, NJ

      This is a great product for my three cats. It is a high quality ingredient that I feel comfortable giving my cats. The size is perfect as a crunchy treat in the late afternoon. I will definitely order this again.
    • Betty from Indian Wells, CA

      Our 6 year old Havanese puppy loves your freeze dried salmon. Begs for them, so we use them for treats, which is often. They aren’t fattening and good for her coat. Please don’t stop selling them, you would have a very unhappy family here. Betty, Les and our puppy Tassy
    • Valerie from Reno, NV

      I have been ordering Life Essentials Freeze Dried Salmon for my two finicky and allergy prone dogs for quite some time. It is not only good for them but they love it. I just tried the Salmon Sprinkles and it was a big hit as well. I highly recommend Cat-Man-Doo Life Essentials and am thrilled with the product!
    • Taylor from Bothell, WA

      We repeatedly buy the salmon and sometimes get the chicken. My dogs LOVE it. I have small dogs so I like the salmon because it is smaller cubes but I have used the chicken as a treat or used scissors to cut it up as a topper to get the dogs to eat their food.

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