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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    I can't stand to see an empty box of Bonito Flakes!

    Tarra and Ronin

    "I'm Tarra, and this is my brother's food. That's all fine and good, but, where is my Cat-Man-Doo chicken bites!?"
    Our little girl LOVES the little chicken treats and she will tell the World if she doesn't get them so we make sure she stays fully stocked up! Thank you for the great treats that keep one little girl so very happy!

    Professor Fozzy Purzwell

    Your treats are THE BEST EVER!

    Professor Fozzy Purzwell

    Your treats are the ABSOLUTE BEST!


    I love my Mimi! She is so sweet and follows me everywhere. She loves bonito flakes and would eat the whole bag if I let her. She knows where I put them. The bag would have pinholes from her biting trying to get more. It's too cute how she begs like a dog for bonito flakes. Love her!


    I love my Jojo! She's full of energy and loves bird watching. She will sit on her pillow in front of her favorite window and chatter all day. Like clock work as soon as 3pm comes around it's treat time. She loves the bonito flakes!


    This is how I get my medicine to help me feel better and to stop my tail and back from twitching. I have Feline Hyperesthesia and that causes my back and tail to twitch uncontrollably and I end up growling and chasing it and trying to bite, I know its my tail but still it's a tough little seizure to go through. My daddy figured out if he gave my a few drops of St Johns Wort on my favorite freeze dried chicken treat that it would stop the seizures entirely and I can sleep and not be bothered by my condition. Thanks !!

    Goatski and Ginger

    Goatski and Ginger love the Chicken littles! They beg for them daily and we love to support local businesses!

    Nadia Ramey

    This is Nadia she loves bonito flakes too she knows them by “fishies” she is 15 years old ....purebred Persian and we love her dearly got her when she was 5 weeks old......

    Walker & Nadia Ramey

    walker and Nadia are addicted to Cat man doo all I have to say is “fishies” and they both come running they love it so much thanks for this great product.......

    Baby, enjoying a spring afternoon

    Baby loves your salmon chunks!

    Fox Mulder and Pablo

    More tiny burgers, please. We will continue to look pitiful until we get our Sirloin Beef! It's the best year ever!

    Zorro and Dusty

    Zorro and Dusty are brothers a year and a half apart. Zorro is a laidback kind of guy and Dusty is more of a go-to boy always on the move. Dusty is very concerned about everyone in the household, always ready to comfort anyone who he perceives is sad, sick, or hurt in anyway. Zorro on the other hand really could not care less about your pain, lol. Zorro is on the left and Dusty is on the right in the photo. :)


    I love eating Bonito Flakes and chasing my sister Charmy


    My favorite activities include eating and sleeping


    I will sit in front of my feeding bowl until you put
    those flaky things in

    Daisy,Dusty and Cinders

    The Girls are enjoying there bonito flakes while social distancing.


    You have no idea how happy I was to hear that you were still processing and shipping your Chicken Littles. I , a little man who is the fussiest cat I have ever had and will only eat 2 kinds of canned cat food (sprinkled with Chicken Sprinkles, of course) and your Chicken Littles. He was wasting away and the vet could find nothing wrong with him. Then I found your product and discovered that he loved them. I feed him two cans of food a day plus 2 handfuls of Chicken Littles and he is back up to his previous weight and looks and acts healthy. Thank you so much--I don't know what else I would have done without you!


    Bella knows where these flakes are kept, in fact I had to move them to a higher cabinet since I found the bag chewed up. She learns tricks for them, comes out from wherever she is hiding when I yell the words “Treats” in a high pitched voice (it has to voiced that way, but most of all she tolerates getting her medication. (Only thing with Bella, she doesn’t eat broken up flakes, I’ve never had a cat so picky!) She isn’t the only cat I’ve used Bonita flakes to help the medicine go down. I had a cat with myocardiopathy and that cat, Scooter, actually came running for his injections. Now, Bella doesn’t come running but she doesn’t fuss as much knowing Cat-Man-Doo flakes are right behind that pill. Thank you Sandra and gang!


    All three of my cats love the freeze dried chicken but Bubba is the most joyful when he sees the bag. He truly knows what he wants and this tops his list!

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