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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    Lucky is 12 years old and she is very spoiled and greatly loved by her family. She is our joy and we are lucky to have Lucky in our life!

    Maggie Mae

    Let me tell you what I like more than belly rubs?? I love Cat-Man-Doo Chicken and Sirloin beef.. Yum! Yum! My mom gives it to me for my snacks. I LOVE my Cat-Man-Doo!!
    Love Maggie Mae

    Mui in Hong Kong

    Hello Cat-Man-Doo,
    I’m a blind cat in HK, I love your Bonito as well as the dried chicken. My mom bought me another Bonito but I only love yours. Pls continue to make this awesome food for us, love love.


    Millie the tabby, chicken treats are her favorite and this is the only treat that makes her day.
    She goes crazy when she hears the bag when I grab from the counter. Thank you so much!


    Lucky is 11 years old and she loves her bonito flakes. It’s not breakfast without her Cat-man-doo flakes.


    I'm 17 and have a few health challenges, so sometimes my appetite is not what it used to be. When my mommy started mixing chicken sprinkles into my food and pulverizing them into a powder on top of my food, I became a good eater again! Later, she discovered, much to my joy, the bonito flakes. I grudgingly share them with my brother Magnum, who is of all things a DOG, and rumor has it there is a rescue kitten upstairs named Pooka who enjoys my treats as well. Lucky for me, and for her, my arthritis prevents my going up to investigate. So I just relax and enjoy my yummies, whiling away my time at the windows. Life is so much better with my freeze-dried goodies!

    Uncle Murray

    Uncle Murray loves his chicken littles! When he craves them, he sits in front of the cabinet where they’re stored. 😻


    This kitty loves your freeze-dried chicken.


    I love my Cat-Man-Doo bonito flakes!!

    Curious Chloe

    Hi, I'm not sure if Chloe loves me more than her Cat-Man-Doo Freeze-Dried Chicken snacks! She can't go a day without her snack and won't eat anything but Cat-Man-Doo. And I'm out!! I just ordered another (10) 5 oz. packs. Can't wait. Thanks.


    Every time my human tries to leave the house, she must sprinkle some chicken on the kitchen floor so me and my buds won’t miss her so much. Anyways, that’s what we tell her 👿

    Krystal and Lily

    Dear CMD,
    If my mom ever stops giving us your awesome freeze-dried chicken we will pick her bones clean in her sleep.
    Don't mess with our favorite food. Cat-Man-Do.
    All our love, Krystal and Lily


    Tori the Shiba is 16 years old today.
    She absolutely LOVES your treats and it’s the only treat she’ll eat now. The freeze dried chicken littles are her very favorite. And at 16 she pretty much gets whatever she wants. Thank you and we appreciate you all so much. 🐾🐕❤️🇺🇸🐾


    Loves Sprinkles, Chicken Chunkers, and the newest Beef and Cheese!

    Lulu & Ruby

    We sure love our freeze dried chicken and salmon. It’s the only way that Mom and Dad can get us to eat our kibble.

    Krystal Blue Purrsuasion at 1 year old and 15 lbs.

    Krystal is now a one-year-old- Ragdoll cat, who has been eating Freeze Dried Chicken from Cat Man Doo for almost a lifetime.! She has a 6-month-old picture here somewhere. Ragdoll cats can grow to weigh 20 pounds. Well, in one year, Krystal, who is a big cat, has gained 16 lbs. She loves, loves, loves Cat- Man- Doo freeze-dried chicken. Once, the order did not come as soon as expected and boy did she cuss me out and turn her back on me and would have nothing to do with me until her freeze-dried-chicken came. Her sister, Lily is a Ragdoll Cat also but has blue point markings. They are only a week apart in age. Lily weighs only 10 lbs., However. Lily has blue point markings and Krystal is Seal point. Next year I don't think I will be able to hold them both again for pictures.


    Dear Cat-Man-Doo
    Last year i was diagnosed with lymphoma and lost a lot of weight. My cat Mom tried everything and i was not having it.
    She eventually had to start feeding me with a syringe to keep me going.
    She finally tried Chicken Littles and i was hooked. For awhile that was all i would eat.
    I am stable now and can help my Mom with puzzles and still eat Chicken Littles everyday. They are my favorite!!!!

    Bora Says: I loves me some chicken

    I love it when my mom gives me these in the morning and it bedtime. I would rather have the chicken then my meat food. I'm 12 years old but your can't tell by the way I act. I hear them free as dried chicken littles bag open and I'll run down two flights if stairs to to get my paws on one and sink my teeth into it. Chicken littlest are they best things EVER! I love me some Cat-Man-Doo!

    Layla and Lancelot

    We discovered Catmandoo Chicken Littles 4 years ago when our mom searched for healthy treats for us. Now we sit up and beg like dogs (ugh!) every night after dinner for our crunchy treats!
    We won’t eat anything but Chicken Littles when it comes to treats!
    Thank you, Catmandoo! We love you! You are PURRFECT!

    Flash & Buddy

    Brothers Flash and Buddy always know when the Chicken Littles bag comes out of the pantry. Always on the lookout for a snack, and these are their favorite. They look forward to getting brushed and getting their nails trimmed as they know whats in store afterwards. Like their Daddy, true snackaholics.

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