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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.

    Little Boy

    My rescue kitty, Little Boy is the sweetest, most loving cat to all my other cats!! When I drove 10 hours to pick him up from an high kill shelter, I find out he was actually ear tipped at 8 months and was in with the feral cats. I was told he wasn’t feral, just needed socializing. 3 years later, he’s a real sweetheart, my soulmate!!


    Sending Thanksgiving Hugs to all the folks at CatManDoo. We Sure Love You (bonita flakes are the best) ! 😻
    Tinker and Cat Mom/Sundee

    Ellie Grey Stripes

    Hi, I am a 8 month old Maine Coon kitten who's most favorite time of say is when I get my Cat-Man-Doo treats! Mom is the best, she always makes sure that the supply of treats is never empty. Thank you so much Cat-Man-Doo for making the best treats in the whold world!

    Wrigley and Getty

    Grandpugs absolutely loves Catmandoo Bonito Flakes!

    King Leonidas

    King Leonidas turned five August 26 of this year he is a silver shaded blue doll face Persian he adores cat man doo chicken only! Sprinkles and chunks! No littles for him refuses ! We are so thankful to be able to have found your product directly today and will be forever loyal customers


    Baby is our tabby cat. Baby loves her salmon treats. She also likes helping us around the house. Here she is helping us with a puzzle.

    Greta and Griff

    We love our sprinkles! Sometimes we won't even eat our wet food until mom comes along with the sprinkles. We will just meow and annoy her until she finally says..."do you guys want some sssspppprrrinnnkkkleeeeees????!" and then we run down the hallway and wait for her. Thank you for inventing these delicious chicken sprinkles - you have made us very happy kitties.


    I love your bonito flakes treats very much, MaMa give me every day. My fur look more smooth after having it. I love it so much!


    Wish I could get a photo of Maya, our Bengal Cat in copy and paste, but sadly not in brouse mode.
    Maya if four years old and only accepts the best.
    She loves your chicken little, naturally. Trying some of your other flavors. Hope she doesn,t reject them.
    Keep up the good work,
    Helen laman

    Fen & Ben

    Fen & Ben love your Chicken Treats , they can’t wait for me to give them 😻😋🥰

    Cousteau and Sunny Bee

    My kitties LOVE Life Essentials freeze-dried Chicken Littles and Chicken Sprinkles. When I add the Sprinkles to their wet food they gobble it up. At night they enjoy a Chicken Littles snack. Cousteau is 15 and sleeps most of the time, however, Sunny Bee, who is two years old, keeps him active by chasing and wrestling with him. Sunny is our daily entertainer who will open all of the sliding closet doors. While Cousteau enjoys napping on my bed, Sunny prefers the clothes hamper!
    Carol Todd
    Hollidaysburg, PA

    Flea and Pepper Jack

    We were introduced to Cat-Man-Doo thanks to our beloved friend’s pet store “The Pet Place”. Ms Lynn spoiled us with a gift bag for Christmas and ever since then we are in love! New treats can be not kind to our little tummies but these ones are great and healthy! Every time our parents say the word “chicken” we get so excited to get our treats!. Once Ms Lynn closed her shop, we thought we couldn’t get more but we are so happy to have found our favorite treats online!

    Kibble aka Kibby

    Kibble is a stray and I took him in because cayote and raccoon was often seen in our area. After posting "Cat Found" poster with local shelter and neighborhood for a month. The animal control officer told me I can legally adopt Kibble as my own. He has been the joy of our life!


    We rescue Tofu from a local Petco retail store through ASPCA. My spouse taught him many tricks with these salmon treats and it had become his favorite!


    All three of my cats love the chicken bites and scarf it down daily. Bubba especially will walk to the empty bowl and give me a look with those beautiful blue eyes while knowing that I know what he wants. I them ask, "Do you want some chicken?', and he responds with a happy meow of "Yes, I do!". Obviously I can't resist and give him what he wants while bringing a smile to my heart!


    Help. I'm addicted to Cat-Man-Do Bonito Flakes.. They are sooo good.. I've never had it so good.


    I am a fearless blind girl who likes to play fetch. Your Bonito Tuna Flakes are my favorite and I will sit on command for them.

    11 CATS!!!

    We have 11 rescued formerly feral cats, all of whom needed help either as kittens or adults. They ALL LOVE your treats. Every night we have treat time, throwing the treats out to them...some chase them like prey, others prefer to perch in their favorite place. The photo is Zimba -- his special favorite is chicken (he also gets a small dish of chicken treats before bed--his own special treat).


    I just wrote a review via a request on email.


    I just wrote a review via a request on email.

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