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    Paul D

    Cat-Man-Doo! You have a great product! These flakes are not only healthy- they've also become like drugs for our kittens. They love them and we can give them to our girls knowing they are all natural.


    OMG! My Maine Coon cat has encountered this amazing treat! He really smears on the chin-to-chin rubs and head bumps to get what he wants. Having had several cats over 45 years, I am familiar with the feline taste palate. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. He'll disown me if I ever lose these flakes. Only problem is satisfying his 18 pounds!


    Thank you so much for going beyond expectation and sending such a nice package to my friend. I would like to say thank you by putting a Cat-Man-Doo tag on my blogs’ side bar peggy’s place and a mention to the Cat Blogosphere members about your extra effort with this purchase. It’s so nice dealing with a caring company.

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