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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    I love the bonito flakes so much that I beg for them all day!


    Layla is a 12 year young Jack Russell Terrier who is obsessed with the chicken and the salmon treats 🥰🐾


    I love my salmon treats, I get excited when mom shows me the new sack!


    Chicken Littles are the healthiest snack on the market, and this little lady ADORES them. Thank you for making both of us very happy!!!


    When I shake the (resealable) bag of Freeze Dried Chicken Treats, my 5 y/o male cat comes “a runnin’” to play our game of “toss and find”. My rescue cat is the first cat (of many cats) to be fed a totally, grain free, wet canned food diet. I was so happy to find Cat-Man-Doo as a replacement for another brand of treats, as your brand is made with a single ingredient: chicken (no additives, fillers or preservatives). Thank you for this very healthy treat!


    I have never seen the mail man move more slowly than he does when I am out of Cat-Man-Do! He is like molasses!


    My lil NUGGET loves the bonito flakes! He goes crazy when he hears the plastic bag moving. He usually has some bonito flakes stuck to his mouth after. It’s pretty darn cute! I think his middle name will now be BONITO ❤️🐯❤️ A big mahalo (thank you) for making great products!


    Love Chicken Chunkers!

    Wolfgang the Theatre Dog

    Once we're done with sound check, I'm knocking back a couple Cat-Man-Doo Salmon Treats.
    Check One Two Check One Two


    Not sure who trained who, but I do ignore any food that is not dropped at my feet, and sometimes I ignore THAT, too! So mommy hand feeds me your bonita flakes, and ahi from her sushi. This is me standing court during her morning coffee.


    Scooch is an oldster...going on 19. Lost most of his teeth before we became travel partners so he loves the soft crunchiness of your chicken!

    Joe Grey

    This is my favorite treat. I am 16 years old and am used to being spoiled by my meowmy!


    Your freeze dried chicken treats are the BEST! Fitting for a hardworking dog like myself! Especially when I have to be the mascot AND HR here at the office.


    Cat-Man-Do? PRRRRRRRRFECTLY delicious!


    Vicious now expects this to be on top of her food. She's become spoiled!


    I just love your Sirloin Treats. They’re the only treats I’ll eat. Mommy had bought them for our cat Minnie 3 yrs.
    ago. Sadly, she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, but now Mommy buys them for me. Thank you so much! Love, Lucky 🍀🐾


    Fozzy loves his Bonito Flakes!
    He is one happy, snuggly guy and looks forward to getting a few bowls of flakes per night.

    Thanks for making my little man happy!
    Lauren Stewart

    Savannah the Savannah cat

    This spotted love, loves Chicken Littles!

    Milo & Frank

    We love chicken treats so much
    Thank you


    I got your yummy chicken and salmon for Christmas. Yummy! I will do almost anything for those treaties!

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