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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    Hi Cat-Man-Doo!

    I let out a big "MEOW!!!!" when I get a whiff of your chicken or salmon when Mom opens the bag. I come bouncing into the kitchen for MORE!!



    A good friend gifted Scooch his first taste of Cat-Man-Doo chicken; her pup goes wild for it. At almost 18 Scooch can be a little persnickety about food but he went for this like the end of the world was coming. We are a camping couple Scooch and I and nothing makes him happier than this chicken dusted over his wet food.


    I'm a finicky eater. If I don't eat my Bonito flakes IMMEDIATELY. that Greystoke steals them!


    I'm a finicky eater. If I don't eat my Bonito flakes IMMEDIATELY. that Greystoke steals them!


    Greystoke says. Find'em. I don't care if you have to drive across Houston, get me more Bonita Flakes!!

    Niko and Milo

    We are so thankful for your treats! Sometimes we get tired of our food but when mom sprinkles those little chicken bites on top we go crazy! We cannot wait to try more of the flavors!


    bowl baby💖💖

    Boomer, Blade & SugarLumps

    My oldest son took me to a local organic grocer and showed me the treats he had been buying for his kitty, SugarLumps, so I bought a bag. And then I bought about 6 more of the small bags from this grocer and decided there had to be a better way to satisfy my puddytats', Boomer and Blade, addiction to the Bonita Fish Flakes because the 1 ounce bag I was getting at the local grocer didn't last 3 days.

    Since January 31, 2022 I have placed 4 orders with Cat-Man-Doo for the Bonita Fish Flakes. I'm able to order a 4 ounce bag and my last order on July 22, 2022 was for 6 bags, of which I have 2 bags left. The product is always fresh and when you open it, it smells like smoked fish, and smells good enough to eat. I would try some but the 3 flaked fish addicts would kill me in my sleep.

    The company ships extremely fast and has only been out of stock of the 4 ounce bags once, so I bought a 24 pack box of the 1 ounce bags. I absolutely love dealing with Cat-Man-Doo because I'm from the Pacific NW and, even though my son and I share a house in Maryland, I still like supporting my West Coast families!

    Once you give your cats crack there's no going back! I swear this fish is like crack to an addict. Enjoy the love letter and buy this treat for your cats! They will love you long time!



    Happy and Healthy for Over 12 Years!
    Thank you Cat-Man-Doo!

    Love Tinker and Sundee (Tinkers Mom) XOXO


    EVERY DAY is like CHRISTMAS with Cat-Man-Doo Freeze Dried Sirloin Burgers and Chicken Chunks !!!!

    Love, Callie

    Handsome Kitty

    My sweet, senior boy LOVES his Chicken Littles!! They are the perfect topper for his dinners and so nutritious. This loving child was abandoned twice before he found his way into my home and heart. He really is the perfect companion. He likes watching birds out the window and "talks to them." At 18, he still chases the laser light and is quite talkative. You cannot beat him at Scrabble, as he often lands on the triple word score with words like catapult and caterpillar. He also really enjoys your Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon "Crunchy" Sprinkles. Thank you for creating such healthy products. My kitty eats better than I do.


    Montecore loves these Bonita Flakes!! He’s a really picky eater but these flakes get him to his bowl every time!!!


    Fozzy absolutely LOVES his Bonito Flakes. Though we call it Kitty Kavier. Thank you so much for supplying my cat with something he looks forward to every night. (he gets a few bowls a night!)
    Thank you!
    Lauren Stewart


    Picasso LOVES his Cat-Man-Do!! I think it helps him have better dreams!


    Our cat, Stevie, loves the salmon treats. Would recommend. It’s nice that I don’t feel guilty giving them to him, since I know it’s 100% salmon. He can be a finicky eater, but with the help of these treats, he eats about everything I give to him. They are perfect to sprinkle on the top of his food to get him interested. We have been loyal customers for almost 5 years. They have a great product. Our packages have always arrived quickly and on time. We have never had an issue. Our little buddy is happy and we are too! Thank you for continuing to deliver great service and a solid product.


    Sweet 5.5 month old BabyLove LOVES your freeze dried chicken littles and they were her absolute favorite until we recently tried the freeze dried SALMON cubes…all we can say WOW WOOF!!!🐾💗🐾

    These are all SO PERFECT for training and eating in general.

    Thank you for making such a high quality treat for our sweet 4 legged family members.

    Dimitri and Milo

    Dimitri and Milo are Norwegian Forest Cat siblings who love their chicken treats and will let you know when it's time for you to go to the pantry and get them their snacks. Milo likes his pieces to be broken up a little and placed on the floor, but Dimitri prefers his mom to hand feed him bigger pieces one by one. They also like the "dust" added in to their wet food. Yum!


    Abigail once tried a freeze dried chicken chunk from another brand and spit it out. She only wants CatManDoo!

    Prince and Coco

    My first dog Prince was an 85lb Am. Bully and he absolutely loved these sirloin and cheese nuggets. Prince only had a few treats that he would never turn down. and these were one of them. I love the texture, the softness, and even the smell is so good I was even tempted to take a bite. These literally smell like cheeseburgers, so it was only natural that my dog would love them and he did. Unfortunately, my baby boy Prince passed away on 4/23 and he was only a one year old, so it was very tragic and heartbreaking for me. My wife bought me an 8 week old CHUG puppy last week to help with my grief (Chihuaua/Pug). And since my boy Prince loved these nuggets so much, I decided to order a bag and see if Coco would like them. I used to buy them from other vendors and never even tried to look for the Cat-Man-Doo company but now I'm glad I did. Not only do they cost less, but if Coco likes them, I intend on buying multiples in the future.and taking advantage of their great multi-pack discounts. My first dog Prince has tried most of the Cat-Man-Doo products and he liked these best. I think every cat or dog should try these! Even though the bag is only 6 ounces, there is a generous amount inside because freeze dried is much lighter than traditional treats. Thanks Cat-Man-Doo!

    This is Beau...

    As you can see Beau is STARVING and will DIE if he doesn't get his Fishy-Bits, a.k.a. his dried bonito flakes. Please don't let Beau die.

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