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    We hope your pets love our products as much as you love your pets!  If so, please let us know so we can feature your cat or dog in our Love Letters section of the website!  To submit a love letter, you must be registered and logged into your account.  Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and either log in, or submit your love letter to us.


    My KiKi loves the chicken treats. She sits and will give me a paw shake for her treats. I am sure she will love the Bonita Flakes as well.

    Mookie Butts

    Mookie and Barkevious love the chicken treats, and wait patiently every night for their daily dolement!

    Isabella and Sir Galahad

    I've posted before, when I first found Bonito Flakes, but I'm back again with more praise. These flakes are the only treats in my house - my cats simply aren't interested in anything else, and I am happy about that. No junk. I feed my cats wet canned food, and bonito flakes daily. Some days, they only get bonito flakes in the evening. But many times, Isabella goes to her treat station first thing in the morning, not her "food" station. It's hysterical - she has to have a bit of the bonito flakes before the canned food. Just a taste, so who knows what that is about. Both cats have learned to paw the bag of flakes to let me know that is what they want - but now, they just go to their treat station and look at me, while verbalizing. I hope when I am old and unemployed I can still buy the cats these treats as they make our lives better every day!

    My sweet Angel boy

    This is my Angel, he's the best cat and my best buddy ever


    I am so incredibly glad that I have found the ONLY treat that Molly loves!!! She is 16 years old and very picky. I feel so good giving her something that she loves, is 1 ingredient and good for her.!! I am shipping them to a friend who lives in Portugal, whose 2 cats and 1 dog are obsessed with them!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    Maggie Moo

    Dear Peeps at Cat-Man-Doo,

    Thank you for making my Freeze Dried Chicken Chunkers!!
    They are much tastier than the packing peanuts I always try to eat...and even better than popcorn!

    Yours truly,

    Baby and Mariah

    We love our chicken treatzzzzzz❤️❤️❤️


    I just love my chicken treats


    I just love the chicken which we call Cat Snacks in my home. They are just the best and I can't get enough of them. Please keep making them.


    Tess.... AKA Moana (because a moan is one of her sounds)

    This is our Cat Tess... She is addicted to your White Chicken in any form.. We have begging in the AM when we get up and when we go to bed and periodically during the day. It is her reward for a good brushing (a good brushing is when we have no visible scars). She has been addicted from day one. I found it at a local store in Western Washington for our former cat 10? years ago, when we lived in Redmond. Now we are in Prescott, AZ and so happy to be able to buy on line. I am always confident of the quality and value of your product. I would not hesitate to give it to any of my pets. However since all 3 cats I have had living with us in the last few years are addicted ... I have learned from other owners to not give treats in the morning. The next cat will only get rewards in the afternoon & evening. The 6 am wake up call is not needed in retirement. Thanks for the quality and availability of your product... not to mention the quantity discount for owners of addicts. It helps the Seniors.


    My Cat Cleo goes hog wild for the Bonito Flakes, She waits for me to get up in the morning to give her this treat. I have tried other Bonito flakes and she will not touch them. Cat Man Doo is the only Bonito Flakes my cat will touch. If I run out she will cry until I break down and go on a mad hunt to find her some. I have now found that Amazon is carrying it. So happy and so is my cat Cleo. Thanks for the awesome treat. It's purrfect.


    Dear Cat-Man-Doo,
    We love your Bonito Flakes!
    Thank you!
    Jack and Oliver


    My name is Bailey and my owners have been giving me chicken treats. They are heavenly and I sit nicely, shake hands, and take my treat gently. My Mom thinks I am the most beautiful chocolate lab ever and likes to spoil me. I always get a treat after I go for my long walk when I have finished my training.

    Clemons Hatfield Ripley

    Clemons loves his chicken sprinkles so much that we buy 10 bags of it at a time. He gets worried when he doesn't see any in the cabinet. He eats it as a side with his soft food and he has it during the day. Clemons specifically asks for it with a chirpy meow.


    My name is Izzy. I adopted my humans in August 2018 and, in return for all the entertainment and laughs I provide them with, they buy me treats from Cat-Man-Do. What a deal!!! My favorites are Chicken Littles rehydrated in chicken bone broth (the kind of broth for pets without onions or garlic from Only Natural Pets) and Bonito (hold-the-broth), because I love the crunch! This stuff is made with LOVE and, even though it is not listed as an ingredient, it is in there. Our last order included salmon treats, and now I love those as well. I am willing to share the sirloin treats with the canines and their humans that cross our path during our walks (me in my pet stroller), and we have made many new friends this way. (Must be all that love from the treats.)
    Thank you to Sandra and Peter for all of that love they mix in. It sure makes for a tasty, healthy treat.
    The picture is of me in my favorite wool sweater when we go for rides in my "doggy-turned-kitty" pet stroller.


    My toothless cat LOVES your Bonito Flakes and so do I especially in your convenient shaker! BEST CUSTOMERS SERVICE also!! Thank You Catmandoo!


    My parents saved me from a terrible place as a baby. They now have me trained as a Certified Therapy Cat and get to on my leash into hospitals, schools and nursing home, but my favorite is hiking in the mountains with them.

    I love my Cat-Man-Doo and so do all the other foster kittens that my parents have been saving before they are placed into their forever homes. All the new parents always get a small bag of Cat-Man-Doo to take home so they can continue to enjoy this wonderful food for healthy life!

    Boo Noo

    Dear Santa,

    Boo Boo here.
    Can you please bring my sister Sweets, brothers KutKut and Scratcher and my new sisters Bubbles, Sandy and Pebbles some more of our absolute favorite thing in world???
    That would be the Chicken Littles from the hoomans at Cat Man Doo!!
    Thank you Santa and can you pick up any homeless cats on your travels and find them furever homes please?
    Love you Santa
    Love you very much Cat Man Doo Hoomans

    Boo Boo Stamper

    Janey Savage. (Little Boy)

    To all my friends who make my favorite treat, Chicken Bonita flakes are the best ever!! Just love them!! Wish my Mom had the extra $$$ to buy me some for Christmas! If Santa ask you what you want, be sure you tell him Bonita Flakes!!

    Jazze (or, The Jaz)

    I'm Jazze - Foster's little sister, and I am damn cute! I absolutely LOVE Catmandoo chicken -it is in fact the only thing I will eat for treats. I like to have chicken sprinkles put on top of my freeze-dried chicken food and then I get a bowl of chicken littles to enjoy whenever I want.
    Foster - the old guy- (15 years) was getting very picky about food but since I switched to Catmandoo there have been no problems getting him to eat.
    Highly recommended.

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