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    Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag
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    Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag

    This human grade, USDA approved white breast meat is carefully cut into small chunks and then perfectly and deliciously freeze dried without the use of chemicals, additives or preservatives. Because an average sized piece of chicken has fewer than 2 calories, you can be assured that they will not contribute to weight gain like other high calorie treats or biscuits. These savory treats are made of a single ingredient and are grain free; no “mystery ingredients” to worry about. Makes a fantastic training treat for dogs and even the most finicky cat will love them.

    Great for Small dogs and Cats!

    Specifications for Chicken Littles 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • Elizabeth from Sherman Oaks, CA

      My cat loves these treats!. I think the little size is perfect - they don't get as messy as the larger pieces but are substantial enough for Mr. Cat to enjoy eating. Even the dogs love getting into these kitty treats. Highly recommend!
    • Vicki from Kalispell, MT

      My cats love love the Chicken Littles! Just the right size for the kitties !! Purr purr😉
    • Diane from Arden Hills, MN

      I just discovered this product after using the Halo freeze dried chicken for 10 years. Owning 3 cats and have many dogs visit us - these Chicken Littles are phenomenal. I never thought that another product could take the place of Halo, but these did. The quality of the Halo has gone down in recent years to the point that my cats can no longer chew them they have so many hard things in them. And there's a lot more dust as well. But these are even better.
      After using Halo freeze dried chicken treats for my 3 cats, I discovered the Chicken Little brand of freeze dried chicken and my cats just love it.
      Reading the ingredient list of the Chicken Littles, the only thing these contain is chicken. The Halo have 5-6 ingredients in them so they are not as pure.
      Thank you for such an awesome product.
    • Nancy from Flemington, NJ

      Yes, this is the one food that my Bengal cats mumble and talk to me while they are devouring them...I'm sure that they are thanking me for their delicious bits. Can't ever run out as they would be terribly disappointed.😻
    • cheryl from sedona, AZ

      Always loved by my two cats who ask for them like clockwork every day. The
      size of the Chicken Littles is much improved. They are still small enough for
      a cat but more chewable . We are ALL pleased.
    • Barbara Zimmerman from Denver, CO

      As always, Cat-Man-Doo has the best chicken treats and quality for our two manx cats. They love the treats and would be most unhappy if I didn't continue to order them. Great products from a great company!,
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats love these treats! This last order was a bit larger chunks, but, they didn't seem to notice.
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats go crazy over these treats!
    • cheryl from sedona, AZ

      Chicken Littles got Better! I thought the pieces had gotten too small so I ordered some of the regular freeze dried chicken .
      However, my new order of Chicken Littles came through with just the right size pieces for my cats----not too big and not too teeny!
      My cats adore them! Thank you.
    • Bruce from Issaquah, WA

      Long-time customer here. Can't say enough good things about these folks and their offerings! The consistent quality of the product (Freeze Dried Chicken, and more recently, Chicken Littles), the reasonable pricing, and the outstanding customer service all make this a no-brainer when it comes to our cats purr-sonally voting Cat-Man-Doo both Freeze Dried Chicken and Chicken Littles for their very select Hall of Fame! Thanks for such great products!
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      Fantastic treats. My cats can't get enough!!
    • Meredith from Seattle, WA

      This stuff is like cat crack. My cats go absolutely NUTS for the Chicken Littles! In fact it has become a bit of a problem because now they have the expectation every evening and I shudder to think what would happen if I couldn't deliver!

      Perfect size, perfect ingredients, perfect treat.
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats literally jump up and down for their chicken treats!
    • Lorrie from Rohnert Park, CA

      My cats are crazy about Chicken Littles!! I'm just really happy I can give them a healthy treat!
    • Barbara from Denver, CO

      This is a great product--our two Manx cats can't live without it (or would feel really deprived!) Great company--great products!
    • Priscilla from San Francisco, CA

      My cat Clemons loves his Chicken Littles. It is his treat when he finishes his wet food. He'll ask for it by meowing and standing up on his hind legs and stretching on the cabinet doors. If I bend down, he'll give me a kitty kiss. This is what he does to get his Chicken Littles because he loves them so much. He goes through 4 bags of Chicken Littles a month. Once we ran out and decided to fake some with breaking up another brand of dehydrated chicken, but he got noticeably upset. Now, we make sure we don't run out. :-)
    • Beti from Kingman, AZ

      Our kitties have clocks in their tummies and know what time is their "treat time", time for their Chickie Bits. Our babies love the small pieces of chicken. We know the bits are good for our babies so we have no hesitation giving them what they really love.
    • Marianna from Bellevue, WA

      My two, young male cats are growing up with your Chicken Littles and they literally dance around their bowls each night when they hear the crinkle of the bag. How wonderful it feels to see their excitement about such a fine, pure protein snack! Can't thank you enough for this clean and healthy product.
    • BR from Seattle, WA

      My cats go crazy over these Chicken Littles! Once your cats have tried them, they'll be fans for life!
    • Cheryl from Sedona, AZ

      One hour after feeding, my cats plant themselves in front of the cabinet where the Chicken Littles are kept and meow for them. They are so excited to enjoy their treats every night. Sometimes I sprinkle some on their food also for added flavor. I highly recommend them. I've shared them with cat owner friends and all cats go wild for them.
    • Vicki from Myerstown, PA

      My cats love these smaller treats!

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