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    Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag
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    Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag

    Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles* are available in two flavors; Bonito and Chicken. These treats are already crushed and ready to sprinkle over any food. They are packaged in a clear shaker to provide a convenient means of application.

    Both Cat-Man-Doo Bonito and Life Essentials Freeze Dried Chicken can serve as a highly effective food enhancement when added to a meal.

    Prescription diets can be bland and unappetizing to a cat or dog who may have little appetite to begin with. However, without these prescription diets, a pet with poor health may not live as long. Veterinarians recommend adding Sprinkles to a cat or dog’s diet in order to revive the appetite and spark an interest in eating. We have been providing Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Sprinkles to Veterinarians for years, now it is available to you.

    Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Sprinkles are made of the same wholesome products as our original Bonito Flakes… just fish!

    Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles are made up of crushed freeze dried chicken; the same chicken product that makes up our Life Essentials Chicken treat.

    *As always, please consult your Veterinarian prior to adding anything to your pet’s prescription diet.

    Specifications for Chicken Sprinkles 5oz. Bag
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Pure White Meat Chicken All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 80% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 3% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    *Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • MK from Raymond, NH

      The chicken sprinkles are AMAZING! So happy to find them available direct. Mixed with a little water, these are the perfect snack / meal base for my mostly-toothless cat, and he loves them!
    • Willow & Isaac from Berkeley, CA

      We are the cats that get to eat the CHICKEN SPRINKLES; they are the proverbial "cat's meow".
      Sometimes plain: just on the floor & other times: on the boring kibble.
      The kibble is good but freeze-dried chicken makes it better.
    • Brian from South Daytona, FL

      I spoke with what i believe to be the owner of the company, she was very kind answered all of my questions and shipped the treats very fast... Oh and the cats love the food very much... Highly recommended food
    • Danielle from Tampa, FL

      No meal is complete without sprinkles on top. My cat won't touch his food without them. He never gets tired of them, and no other brand will do.

      This is perfect for sprinkling over my cat's food. No need to cut/break the chicken.
    • Elizabeth from Peoria, IL

      I have (7) cats and they all anxiously await their bedtime snacks of Chicken Sprinkles! I can never be out of the sprinkles because they would be so disappointed and try to keep me up all night, because they are so sad/mad!

      Beth Knight
    • Dj from Bellevue, WA

      My 17 year old Ragdoll loves the Chicken Spirnkles. She can eat them plain as a treat or I sprinkle them on her regular wet cat food to make it more appealing. This is especially important as an aging cat tends to ignore eating on a regular basis.

      I order the Sprinkles directly from Cat-Man-Doo and they arrive at my doorstep in a couple of days.
    • Deborah from Sammamish, WA

      One of our 3 cats Lucy (age 13) has stage-3 kidney disease which we're managing with high-quality wet food, IV-fluids and added potassium binder in her food. Our vet recommended these freeze dried chicken sprinkles and gave us a sample when we told him she wasn't eating as well as she used to. She loves this chicken and eats more of her food when we add this on top. We also use it as a treat while we're administering the IV.

      I think she's now taking advantage of us as she eats a few bites of food then pushes us to feed her 20 times a day. It's like the kid who claims to be too sick for school yet can stay up all day watching cartoons and eat ice cream. She has us well trained.
    • Lois from Redmond, WA

      My cat, Joe, just loves these sprinkled over his food. He is an older guy and a pretty finicky eater. I was fortunate to find Life Essentials Chicken Sprinkles when a friend shared a bag with me. They have changed the way Joe eats. Now it is easier to keep his weight up and keep him healthier and happier. I'm glad to know that these are pure chicken with no weird additives. I thank you and Joe thanks you!
    • CatLover from Canton, GA

      I have 3 cats and they all enjoy the chicken sprinkles. Two of the cats eat a raw food diet, and often like a few of these sprinkles on top of their meal. The other cat eats canned food and in his old age (16 years) is a very picky eater. Sometimes these sprinkles encourage him to eat a little more. And they all especially love the chicken chunks and go through a bag of those pretty quickly!
    • Wendy Weinzheimer from Lebanon, OR

      I started a routine of sprinkling the 'chicken sprinkles' over their wet food in order for them to finish their 'half eaten' food. Now they demand it each and every day and it's the only way I can get them to eat their food! They're so spoiled now and I know I can never stop buying it because they'd go on strike if I did.......and they have when I run out!! They like all the products, but the chicken in any form is their favorite. Good stuff and good for them as well. I tell everyone I know that owns a cat about the product and to stop giving their cats "junk" treats. This stuff is pure and natural. I hope this company stays in business forever!
    • Tamara from Seattle, WA

      My cat loves these chicken sprinkles more than anything, and they are the only treat that she likes to eat. Even as a picky senior kitty, she adores these, and I am reassured knowing that they are a high quality product made in the USA.

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