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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon - 5oz. Bag
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    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

    Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon is a human grade, FDA approved product. It is available in two sizes; a 2 ounce re-sealable stand up bag and a 5 ounce re-sealable “Big Bag.” This all-natural treat is another healthy way to reward your pet. This treat is completely free of grains and fillers and is derived from a single protein source so you can feel good about rewarding your pet anytime. These crunchy cubes will satisfy your cat's craving for fish and are a convenient training treat for dogs who enjoy a fishy treat. Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon can also be crumbled onto wet or dry food as an appetite enhancer.

    Specifications for Life Essentials Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon
    Nutrition Facts
    Ingredients: 100% Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon All Natural
    Crude Protein min. 84% No Additives
    Crude Fat min. 5% No Preservatives
    Crude Fiber max. 1% High Protein
    Moisture max. 4% Low Fat
    Healthy Meal Additive
    Appetite Stimulant
    * Not intended as a meal substitute. No Refrigeration Required
    • christine from ridley park, PA

      Nicky and Tucker LOVE these treats! !! The people at Cat Man Doo are so nice, they sent the kitties a few samples of Bonita flakes and now they love them also. Well Christmas is coming! ! These are healthy treats and good for them, so well worth it.. they knew what was in the box when it arrived, crying till I opened it.!!! I love my kitties and want them to have a long healthy life, these are an investment in their health
    • P Silver from Berkeley, CA

      This is the one that brings them home. I stand at the door, SHAKE THE BAG, they come running. It is ONLY salmon, nothing else. I am never without it
    • maggie from El Cerrito, CA

      I have found this treat to be irresistable to almost all the dogs to whom I have offered it. As delicious to them as it is stinky to us! My dog gets a handful of these every evening: I use them to signal to her that dinner is over. Then, no more begging. She gets it!
    • Tucker and Nicky from ridley park, PA

      LOVE this treat!! We are 10 months old and want to eat healthy and this with the chicken Littles is a great way to do it!! We love these!!! The folks at Cat Man Doo are so nice, they get us our order so fast and help our mom when her computer has problems. She has been buying stuff here for over 20 years and highly recommends it to everyone, even our dog friends like it
    • Vanessa from Seattle, WA

      We’ve been keeping a stock of these in our home ever since we discovered them. Our cats love them! They simply go on strike if we run out. One of our cats has a sensitive stomach, so it’s nice to find a quality single ingredient treat that he enjoys so much. Our dog loves these too and is highly motivated for training by them. We recommend these to all pet owners!

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