Golden Tips for Keeping Peace in Multi-Cat Households

  • Provide vertical space. Kitty Condos and perches allow cats to get away from one another and viewing the room from a single vantage point gives them a sense of security. Create vertical space using ordinary planks secured to walls at various heights with shelving brackets. Want to build your own Kitty Condo? Send us a self addressed, stamped envelope and we will send you instructions we found in the May 2007 issue of Cat Fancy magazine. (Power tools are required for this project!)
  • Provide multiple feeding/watering stations and bedding. This reduces a feeling of competition for resources, which cuts down on aggression.
  • Provide hiding spaces. Hiding is a natural coping skill for cats. Leave out open boxes, handle-less paper bags (no plastic), crates and closets to give cats places to seek solitude.
  • Provide ample scratching surfaces. Cats scratch both to mark territory and relieve frustration and stress. Provide horizontal, vertical and slanted surfaces that do not move, swing or topple. Scratching posts should be long enough for the cat to extend its full body length. Place scratching posts around sleeping and high-traffic areas as a means of appropriate marking.
  • Relieve boredom and promote positive cat relationships through interactive toys. Feather toys, fishing poles and toys that dispense treats are great ways to increase exercise. Some cats may play with these in the presence of other cats but others may need individual time.
  • Use pheromone diffusers and sprays to induce calm.

Love your cat(s) and she/he/they will love you for a lifetime!