Cat-Man-Doo Love Letters

My cat, Houdini, is a bonito flake addict. He normally does not eat cat treats, but he goes insane for Cat Man Doo bonito flakes. If I ever want to find him, all I have to do is open the top of the container and he comes running to me for his bonito fix. Here he is tonight showing his bonito flake love.

Dear Cat-Man-Doo

The first time I tried Bonito Flakes, made by Cat Man Do, my cats freaked out! They camerunning and wolfed these fishy treats down in no time. So they were a hit with the kitties--whoare not overly-picky eaters, but reject some treats if they are too unnatural. But these treats alsomake me happy because they are all-natural, dried bonito (a fish similar to tuna), contain noadditives or preservatives, and last a long time in their container. While the fish arrive in the USfrom the Pacific Ocean near Japan, they are turned into cat treats and packaged in Washingtonstate. The containers are made of No. 5 plastic, meaning that they're recyclable. If you love your kitties, you'll give these treats a try without having any regrets about harming their health.


 Hello, I just wanted to thank you again for your very generous contribution of cat and dog treats for our annual Blessing of the Animals service earlier this month. I was fortunate to acquire donations from a number of manufacturer's at the Super Zoo show in Las Vegas, but none received as much praise and appreciation as your wonderful treats.  The Dried Bonito Flakes were everyone's favorite, dogs and cats alike, with the Freeze Dried Alaskan Salmon a very close second.

All the animals were doubly blessed that day thanks to your generosity. I'm enclosing here a couple of photos of the festivities and the prayer for the animals our Father Michael and Deacon Ed led the crowd in celebrating our wonderful fuzzy, furry and finned companions.

Prayers for our Animals

"We ask your blessing, O God, upon us and the animals we love.

Bless the dogs we bring whose happy barks remind us of Noah and the sounds on the Ark, who chase after frisbees and fetch rubber balls, who love us with licking and come to our call, bless poodles and cockers and shepherds and schnauzers and dachshunds and setters, bulldogs and bowsers of every kind and of proud pedigree; and bless all the mutts with no known family tree. Bless service dogs, therapy dogs, and companion dogs. Keep them safe
and healthy in this year to be. For all our dogs, we thank you Lord.

Bless all our cats, wise creatures of worth, who purr in our homes and prowl on the earth. Bless cat and the kitten so soft in their stirring, who snuggle on our tummies, and serenade us with purring. Bless barn cats in the country, and cats of the city, Maltese, Siamese and the common house kitty. Keep them safe from all danger, guard them from harm, protect them as they wander, and bring them safely home. For all our cats, we thank you Lord.

Bless our fish in their swimming, for birds on the perch, for gerbils and hamsters and guinea pigs and rabbits, for ferrets and rats; bless our horses so noble and donkeys so humble, our mules, sheep, pigs and goats, and hives of bee; and for lizards and snakes as they slither and mice in their cages, we thank you Lord.

Bless all your creatures, that we may love them as you love us all, and together we may thrive in your grace, both great and small."

Thank you again!
 Fellowship Ministry Volunteer
 Sierra Madre Church of the Ascension

Dear Mr. Chan

Few months ago, I purchased a Dried Bonito Flakes in Hong Kong exhibition, my cat like it very very much. I try to buy, but I have been having difficulty locating your brand anywhere in Hong Kong. Will you please contact me and let me know where or how I can purchase your product? Thank you!

Susanna To
Hong Kong

My cat Maxie loves your Bonito fish flakes. I celebrated her 15th birthday March 15th 2011. I found her about 15 years ago living under a shed. She had been abandoned. She was wild, her fur was dirty and she was sickly. I fed her, bathed her and took her to a great veterinarian.   He checked her blood and said her liver levels were extremely high and she probably wouldn't make it. I cried; I knew she needed me, I had to save her.   I asked him to please help her with medicine. He prescribed her five different medications. She wasn't eating or drinking enough. I got a baby dropper and got her to drink water out of it. I got her seafood flavored gourmet wet cat food from a health food store. I followed this for weeks. I took her back to the vet and he could not believe it. Her liver levels were normal, she was going to make it.   The only medicine she still takes is the liver formula. She is truly a miracle and I love her deeply. I discovered your Bonito fish flakes three years ago . She absolutely loves them.  They make her so happy. She meows for them and purrs in my lap after she eats them. Maxie and I wanted to thank you for such a healthy special treat.

Sincerely, Deborah & Maxie
Aiken, SC

Dear Cat-Man-Doo Folks:

A few months ago a friend gave me a small container of your infamous bonito flakes. Her cat “Toots” didn’t seem to care for them.  I gave some to my cats “Beanie” N “Louie” and they devoured them!

I kept a few bags of the flakes in a cabinet and refilled the Cat-Man-Doo tub periodically. I came home one day and the bags were all ove4r and the contents missing.  The little brats broke into the cabinet and partied with the flakes!

They tried to open the Cat-Man-Doo tub but found the container impenetrable. See enclosed a copy of the lid.  Note the little puncture marks on the edge.  That’s my boys, Beanie n Louie… thought you might get a laugh out of this. I’ve beefed up security since the break in and now they just wait patiently till I get home.

Howie, Beanie n Louie
Novato, CA

Dear Sandra and Peter:

What can I say?? You made my day (weeks & months actually. I “doo” love my Cat-Man-Doo!Thank you from the bottom of my furry little heart. I promise I will share with my brother andsisters and I will get my mom to go to all of the local pet stores and sing your praises!!

Your friend in Bonito flakes,
Radar M.
Sparta, NJ
A True Four-Legged Customer

Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

Recently I stopped by a local pet store to buy a bag of cat food and I saw a display next to the register saying “free samples.” I took one home and that’s how my girls got hooked!

Since then I have also adopted a beautiful male feral kitten from the rescue group. He is very fearful right now and will need extra love and attention but with the help of your treats he is already beginning to trust me more and more! Thank you so much for a great product!

Portland, OR

Bonito & Cat-Man-Doo Love

Just wanted to give a big thank you from me and my 2 cats for making such a great product! I was recommended your bonito flake product at a local Bay Area pet food chain and since the first day we bought home our first box we have never been without bonito flakes at our house. When introducing our energetic teen male cat to out older, shy female cat Bonito Flakes were there to make the transition smoother. Our cats now understand it's treat time as soon as they hear the lid open and they come running. Your product allows us to call our cats when they are hiding under the bed, makes them feel better after they have their nails trimmed and even helped our cat learn new tricks like how to sit on command. For Christmas time we even had a sign up next to your product at the Pet Food Express saying: "Todd (our cat) LOVES Bonito Flakes" to encourage other cat owners to buy the product and reap the benefits. So thanks again from all of us!

Customer, CA

Your treats are literally a life saver. I rescued Trinity at the Humane Society about 7 months ago. She is 2 years old and I found out later I was her third owner. Trinity is one of the most loving cats I have ever met and we called her the perfect cat. That is until after having her for five months she attacked me. She was laying on a chair and as I was sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, she came flying at me all 4 paws extended and landed on my arms, chin and chest. I pulled her off and she attacked my back ripping it up pretty good. I managed to get to a room and shut the door, but she continued to try and find a way in to continue her attack. As you can image I was in shock. To make a long story short, she has been examined by a Vet and a Behaviorist, both of whom come up with different reasons for her behavior. Meanwhile, Trinity has had to endure getting blood work twice and car rides which she hates. We do know she has Hyperesthesia and her back ripples quite a bit. That got progressively worse as the medical exams continued, leaving her in constant distress. About $1400 later, she is now on anti-anxiety medication and pain medication. The medications have to go in her food as attempting to give her a pill by putting it down her throat sends her into one of her attack modes. This is the part where your treats come in. She will not always eat her food with the medication even through it is now flavored for her, she is a cat after all. Except, when I mix in your treats with the food. Without the Bonito flakes, she wouldn't be getting her medication. Without the medication, we would have to put her down as she has attacked me three times. I will also use these treats to train her in behavior modifications and to do tricks. So I thank you immensely for helping Trinity.

Albuquerque, NM

Hi Sandra;

Our cat Scooter has a serious heart condition that requires we pill him morning and evening. As I’m sure you know, that can be a “not fun” job. He takes three different pills. Using a combination of chicken flavored gel caps (pills go in the gel caps) and bonito flakes is the winning formula to make this task fun for him. We use the bonito flakes to warp the gel cap in at the time we pill him and as a follow on treat. He loves them. I can’t say the bonito flakes have kept him alive but they sure make taking his pills a breeze and have eliminated the stress associated with the pilling process. The down side of the strategy is we use a lot of bonito flakes.

I happened on your product at Mud Bay and decided to try some. Our cats seem to like yours much better than the competition brand. I think it is because your product seems to have more moisture.

Thank for talking with me.

Doug S.
Seattle, WA

Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

Recently I purchased a 0.5 oz. size of your “Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes” while traveling on vacation. My cat was thrilled with her present when I arrived home. Since then I have been unable to find your brand anywhere in the Santa Barbara area. Will you please contact me and let me know where I can purchase your wonderful product? (My cat is very anxious to know also!) Thank you so much!

Santa Barbara, CA

My cat willow goes crazy over your product she absolutely loves it... I     thought I would send you guys a few pics of her trying to open the container.

Victoria & Willow


Cat-Man-Doo! You have a great product! These flakes are not only healthy- they've alsobecome like drugs for our kittens. They love them and we can give them to our girls knowing they are all natural. Can you suggest a rehab center for cats?

Paul D

This is Miss Dolphy. She does tricks for these little salty fish flakes! She knows "speak", "sit", "up" (and sometimes "wait"). She gets nervous performing in front of guests though, and tries to do all three at the same time to get her treat!


Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

My daughter’s cat Kinsey dreams of this stuff!!

Thanks for making my grand-cat’s dream come true!

Lee N.
Concord, CA

Dear Cat-Man-Doo

My cats and dogs love Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes. I love that they're good for both cats anddogs. The treats are 100% dried Bonito fish, with no additives, preservatives, coloring, etc. Now,I must admit, I don't think they smell very pretty but it's not too overwhelming and it's not like thesmell lingers, especially because these treats disappear very, very quickly. And I think a littlefishy smell is worth it to see my pets gobble them down so happily. Also, fish is a great sourceof protein for their skin and coats and the natural oils help to fight the winter dryness. I highlyrecommend this natural, healthy pet treat. And so do my cats and dog!


This super treat was introduced to my cat from (Peoplefud) pet food in Denver Colorado.  My cat will accept no other treat but Cat-Man-Doo.  His fur turned into 100% silk.  Amazing!

Josette & Minou
Denver, CO


Subject: we love your fish flakes!

...or at least, our cats do! :-)

Thanks for making such a great product! Our little feral rescue guy is skittish, but has a condition that requires him to have medicine for a few days every month. It was always a chase around the apartment before to catch the poor cat to give him his medicine that resulted in him cringing away from me for hours afterward.

UNTIL I started giving him cat-man-doo treats. I couldn't believe it - he actually begs for his medicine now. No kidding. He actually rubs my legs and meows for me to hurry up while I prep the syringes, allows me to give him all the medicine in a couple of seconds, and happily gobbles down the reward of flakes he was so looking forward to. I want to clarify - I've always done a reward system with him for his medicine; it's your flakes in particular that he goes so crazy about. :-)
Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product - we really appreciate it.

Cheryl Z.

Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

Thank you for the suggestion of storing your product in the refrigerator. It has been the ONE PLACE my cat has not been able to get into to get to her treats. She has seriously opened my cupboards, taken out the container and chewed through the plastic to get to the flakes inside. I have returned home to find the empty, chewed open container on my floor! As promised, I am enclosing one of these containers for you to see! (You must see to believe!) As of yet she has not figured out how to open up my refrigerator!

Thanks for the tip and for making an awesome cat treat.

New York, NY


I just wanted to give you some feedback on how wonderful your product is with just a couple of stories:

I have a customer that adopted a cat and was having a horrible time with it. The cat was peeing all over the house including the owner’s bed and pillow every time the cat was alone. The owner was just about ready to give the cat back to rescue when we came up with the idea that the cat was bored because it was used to being outside. The owner started hiding your flakes in strange and hard to reach places all over the house! Well, the cat LOVED it! He looks for the flakes all day long and he no longer pees in the house AT ALL! It is a game they play every day.

Ialso have customers whose cats will do tricks for the flakes and some customer have jokingly threatened to burn my shop down if I stop selling them!

Anyway, I just wanted to pass the great comments I get along, keep up the great job.

Pet Store Owner

Hey you guys,

I hope you remember me. My name is Doug and I delivered some boxes to your company a few weeks back. Anyway, you gave me a sample of your flakes to try out on my four cats. Well guess what?! The one cat that I thought for sure would love them showed little interest. But the three cats that I thought would not like them won’t leave me alone whenever I go to the pantry. You’ve created a few little MONSTERS!! You really need to put a warning label on those things. Well, thanks again for the treats and thanks for all you do for the foster cat program. I wish there were a lot more people out there like you. Thank you!

Seattle, WA

Look what I came home to... Siena pawed her way into the cabinet, got
the cat-man-doo flakes out and pushed them over by her bowl. I think
she's trying to tell me something.

Jessica & Sienna

Hi friends!

I'm Henry The Three-Legged Cat and I love my Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes! I like to share it with all of my friends… luckily they don't eat much!

Come visit me at Until then eat well and share with friends… I know I will!

Henry JM



My cat is crazy for Cat-Man-Doo bonito.  I've never seen anything like it.  She'll come in the bath for a bite.  She'll follow me around the block for a nibble.  When I stop feeding it to her, she hisses at me.   She knocks the container over onto my head from the kitchen counter to the couch to awaken me to feed her bonito flakes.   If my supply runs out she ignores me.  I just ordered two 4 oz. bags and I know it won't be enough for very long.

I have to get a second job.



I just got a container of your bonito flakes through Pet Product Advisor formy5 shelter cats. One of these beauties is very shy and has a hard timetrusting people. I've tried many things to bring him out of his shell, buthe remained shy......until he got a taste of the flakes!  I can't believehow friendly he's gotten in the few days since I treated him with these.Last night, he climbed onto my bed and lay next to me purring while I pettedhim for a good half hour. This would have been unheard of before! The othercats are as lovey as ever, and go crazy when I shake the container. It'sbeen so fun to make them happy like this - I just ordered another big batch,and I guess this will be a staple from now on.

Thanks for offering a great product!

Lisa Freeman
Portland, OR

OMG!  My Maine Coon cat has encountered this amazing treat! He really smears on the chin-to-chin rubs and head bumps to get what he wants. Having had several cats over 45 years, I am familiar with the feline taste palate. This stuff is INCREDIBLE. He'll disown me if I ever lose these flakes. Only problem is satisfying his 18 pounds ;-)

Thank you so much,
Luanne in Charlevoix, Michigan

Hi Pat,

You had asked me to email you regarding the new 4 oz. bags from Cat-Man-Doo.

My cat literally sat up and cheered!  I put some of the fragrant fish flakes in his bowl, and he approached them suspiciously, sniffed them, and then chowed down and asked for more.  After his second helping, he jumped up on his favorite chair next to my computer chair and play-boxed and "rowd" and chirped at me through the chair back rungs toward where I was standing in the kitchen, signifying his strong approval of the new treat:  "You got it, Mom!  That is the right stuff!"

Thanks for your help!



This is what happens when my cat learns to use my computer.

I still do not know how he got my credit card number.
Gary E.

Dear Cat-Man-Doo,
I just wanted to let you know how much my cat Goose loves your product. It's gotten to the point where I have to keep his tub up high or else he can pop the top off and help himself! I think it's an addiction. Enclosed is a photo of Goose doing what he does best.


Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

I am doing all I can to spread the word about your company and wish you every success. My kitties Tina and Tinka thank you from the bottom of their little kitty hearts and they can’t live without their Cat-Man-Doo kitty treats!

Seattle, WA

Hi. When I go into my kitchen, Mickie my cat, will sit at my feet and wait for me to ask him if he would like a treat. He gets up and starts to meow at me and I tell him to sit and give him the hand gesture you would give a dog. Then he will sit for his Cat-Man-Doo. He just loves his snack. Thank you

Lois Ryan

Thank you for making your product, it makes my cat so, so happy! I hope you can make others in the future.


My cats are addicted! A neighbor gave me a small container [of Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes] for Christmas and I have been ordering the large bags ever since. They beg for it! Two Savannahs and a Bengal -- they'd love to be spokescats for your product!

Boston, MA

Hello Sandra and Peter

The Bonito flakes arrived today - ahead of schedule and you were so kindwith your note and additional bag of flakes.  This is Tiger surrounded byall the different food and wheat grass I've been enticing him with.  Look how he dug into the bonito flakes!

Tiger is 14 and I hope he hangs around a few more years as he is my gentlegiant.  It is hard to lose our four legged friends and I hope the cute kittyon your card is your current friend.  Thanks again for your kind spirit.You can use this picture if you want for kitty testimonial!


Dear Cat-Man-Doo,

I just wanted to say thank you for the bonito flakes. Oh my gosh! My cats are OBSESSED with them. One of my cats, Fisher used to catch the goldfish out of the tank and eat them. Now since I have gotten these treats, he doesn't eat the live fish out of the tank! I cannot walk into the room where I keep them with out non-stop meowing. He doesn't even breathe between meows when flakes are on his mind! It is crazy how obsessed he is with them. The local store where I get them had a buy two get one free sale so we stocked up and bought six containters. I got on this website to see if I could buy the flakes in Anyway, thanks so much for making my little kitties happy!!

Melanie S.

I have so many missions, trying to help those in Haiti who have lost legs and all sorts of other things. I am a very picky eater but my daily dose of as much as I can eat of Cat-Man-Doo keeps me ready for more world missions. Read more about me and my missions at Thanks

Henry JM

Dear Cat-Man-Doo:

I've just placed an order with you (using PayPal).  It would be wonderful to be able to purchase your bonito locally (Burlington, ON).

I have two Siberian pussycats (Taras & Staz) who at 5 pm demand their serving of your Bonito Flakes.  Taras is the dark one.  He is six months older than his brother but is 4 lbs lighter.  Siberians are a large breed, averaging 12 - 16 lbs.  Mine are right on target with Taras weighing in just under 12 lbs and Staz at just under 16.  They are almost 2-1/2 and 2 years old, respectively.

I'm going to try your freeze-dried salmon and chicken and I will pass along your website to our vet.  She was telling us that when a cat is brought in with a dull coat, she recommends fish or fish oils.  Well the Bonita Flakes take care of that.  My pussycats have beautiful coats!


Maybe you'll use me as "CAT-MAN-DOO" Ragdoll cat of the month!  Thank-you so much for speedy delivery and for including some additional treats for me in the package along with my order! Not to mention your products are PURRFECT!  I continue to PRRRRR for more Bonita flakes and I also liked the free-dried chicken! We're so glad  we can order directly from you.  We were originally introduced to the tuna flakes at a local  privately owned pet shop in Brookline, MA.....and while in N.Y. found your freeze-dried salmon...much more efficient this way!....we're spreading the word to other feline/canine owner friends! A huge MEOW!  Thank-you!

We got the package and as you can see, Jimmy could not wait to open it!  And he TRIED. Thanks. They LOVE the tuna and salmon.  

                                                         Sincerely,  Penelope and Jimmy


I don’t know what to do! Ever since purchasing your product my cat sits outside the cupboard where I keep it and meows for a treat. She has never done this before with any other treat! She LOVES it! Thanks for making a treat that makes my cat beg for more (even if she is driving me crazy!)


Hello Sandra,

Thank you so much for going beyond expectation and sending such a nice package to my friend. I would like to say thank you by putting a Cat-Man-Doo tag on my blogs' side bar peggy's place and a mention to the Cat Blogosphere members about your extra effort with this purchase. It's so nice dealing with a caring company.


This is what my cat Fisher looks like when he wants his


Hi there,

My cat Amelia "Pussyfoot or LuvBunny" loves her tuna flakes.  She goes through one of the four ounce bags a month!  There is no snak she likes better and she is not real fussy, except for her snack.

I have attached my favorite picture, where she is up to her antics...again!

Thanks for such a great product.

A Fan who loves her puss.

Hi, I just want to tell you how much my cats LOVE your treats. I have a ragdoll cat who is very particular...what cat isn''t? Haha...anyway....your treat is the ONLY treat that she will come out of her tower for! My younger cat goes crazy for it. She knows as soon as the kids go to bed that it''s "treat time". All I have to say is "TREEEAT" and they will both come running from where ever they are and Fiona (the ragdoll) will go immediately to the kitchen rug and sit and wait, while Miley rubs all over and under my legs. Miley knows that Fiona gets served first, then Miley gets to take her first bite out of the container, and oh boy if I forget to do it, she will knock it out of my hand to do it. So thanks so much for making such a wonderful treat for cats. I usually have to have 2 of the large containers on hand as they get it twice a day. I only know of 1 local pet specialty store that carries it, and they run out fast. Is there anywhere else in Clinton, New Jersey or the surrounding areas where this is carried?


Juliana H.

Dear Cat-Man-Doo:

This is King Kamehameha-one of our 7 Siamese cats-also known as the Siamese Mafia. He is a serious Fishyflakes addict...and also the best cat burglar in the house. He can open a new fishyflakes container in seconds flat.

Sadly, when the fishyflakes are all gone he believes the Fishyflakes Gods will refill that container-if he just carries it around long enough...Thank you for making such a great product. Now-if you would only sell  these in a 5 gallon bucket...the Siamese Mafia would be very grateful!

Sue & Ray
Land the Siamese MafiaKing Kamehameha, Kona, Meeka, Hana, Boomer, Miss Waimaia and Miss Kunaini