Cat-Man-Doo introduces our newest product ... Cat-Can-Do!

We at Cat-Man-Doo invite you to join us in the pursuit of getting the true tale of Henry the Three-legged Cat into the hands of every pet lover, far and wide! At its core, this award-winning book illustrates the fact that although we don't always get to decide what happens to us in life, we get to decide how we respond to those events.

When Henry came into the lives of his people with an injured leg that was beyond repair, they were not cat lovers at all. The way they responded to Henry's life threatening injury would change their lives forever as well as the lives of many others. Henry's book promotes respect for diversity, compassion, courage and resiliency. Henry is a real Can-Do kind of guy. Henry's books have never been sold in bookstores! In spite of this, over 20,000 of his books have already been distributed throughout the US and worldwide. To date, Henry's books have only been available on the internet and through two publications. First written in 2006, this book is now in it's FOURTH edition! ALL profits from both of his books have gone towards the assistance of animals in need all over the world as well as to the families of wounded men and women returning from Iraq. To learn more about Henry and his causes go to

Cat-Man-Doo has made a commitment to join paws with Henry in his selfless mission. We will be selling Henry's books and all of our profits will be donated to assist animals in need.

Call us now to place your order! These hard-cover, 80 page books are not only well written but feature many adorable photos. They make fabulous gifts for adults and children alike. Display them properly and you won't be able to keep them in stock. They will enhance your store and delight your customers. Most importantly with each book you purchase you will be making the life of an innocent creature such as Henry a little bit easier.